Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nostalgia led to Nightmare (aka the most terrifying card of all time) - A James Baldwin story

(I'll get to the third part of Dennis' post eventually...have some randomness to share in the meantime).

I was scanning COMC the other day, and I came across a fairly rare James Baldwin card.  This made me realize that I really want a card of his for my collection - I remember him fondly as the White Sox ace back in the late 90's, and though he wasn't actually all that great (career ERA of 5.01 with one all star appearance) I still think he always seemed pretty awesome.  So I looked around for a good card to buy up for my collection.

This one is the one I may eventually grab:

This one is the one that's absolutely terrifying:
I mean...what's happening here?  Does he have gum in his mouth?  A baseball in his mouth?  Did Action Packed paint his mouth white for some creepy effect?

More importantly, can he breathe?  This looks less like a guy on a baseball card and more like a choking victim who needs some CPR.  Truly bizarre.

Anyways, you're welcome for the nightmares!

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  1. That isn't even the most terrifying White Sox card. Check out the 1978 of Chris Knapp. He looks the centerfold in Serial Killers Quarterly magazine.