Friday, May 8, 2015

Stickin' More Stickers

So after Monday's sticker addition of Wayne Knight, I could pretty much call my sticker album complete if I so chose.  I added the best sticker of all time, that's that, game over, everyone go home.

Except...I noticed my terrible formatting left a blank space:
Now when I first posted my binder, Night Owl said he wanted to see a binder without an inch of white left.  And much like Taylor Swift, I too can't stand a blank space.  So I had to move some stickers around and more importantly, I had to find a sticker sized similarly to the Michael Keaton to place underneath his sticker.

So I went  with my OTHER sticker from that same 1989 Batman set - Jack Nicholson as the Joker:
Such an awesome card...I love Nicholson as an actor, especially in this movie and stuff like The Shining or Chinatown.  So I'm pretty pumped to add him to the binder.

Like Keaton though, the sticker didn't want to stick.  So I needed two more side stickers to keep it in place - I went with a Kenny Lofton sticker (from the left quad) and a Walter McCarty sticker (from the right quad):
Lofton was a fan favorite for much of the 90's and early 00's, and always a huge speed threat, which is what his quad is based on.  I'm going to have to think of something cool to do with the other three guys on that quad - they may not end up on my binder but they should go somewhere...

As for McCarty, he was one of THE Celtics to cheer for back when Paul Pierce was just beginning his legacy.  The Celtics announcer had a fantastic way of saying "Wal-tah" that really made it fun to watch him play.  So he definitely gets added to the binder, as will Pierce someday if I ever find a good sticker of his.

When I added Jack and the sticky cards to the binder, it looked like this:
Much better - even if the Deion Branch is now a bit less sticky after putting that sticker on and off so many times!

Below the Nicholson are three Browns I added on.  One is Mohamed Massaquoi (who I collect), one is Josh Cribbs (who I used to collect), and one is Jerome Harrison, who has a great then sad then uplifting life story:
I've talked about the top two guys before, so I'll mention Harrison here.   He was kind of middling back for the Browns after being a 5th round pick in 2006, but in late 2009 he caught lightning in a bottle and finished with 561 yards and five touchdowns in three games, including a Browns record (and near NFL record - only 10 yards short!) 286 yards and three touchdowns vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.  This electric finish earned him the starting role going into 2010, but he quickly lost the starting job to Peyton Hillis and was traded to the Eagles a few games later.

He spent that year in Philly before bouncing to Detroit for two years, and that would've been the end of a typical journeyman career were it not for Detroit trading Harrison back to the Eagles in 2013.  The trade fell through, with the reason being that Harrison's physical showed a benign brain tumor surrounded by blood vessels.  He underwent surgery right away, but the vessels caused complications and for a small period of time they were worried Harrison might not make it through the surgery.  He did, and was expected to be a quadriplegic, but has made great strides in recovery since that time and even shot a little video in 2013 to show some of his story.  Caution if you watch it...there's a good chance it might get a little dusty in the room you're in:
Given Harrison's 2009 stretch of games and awesome fight during recovery, his sticker is definitely well worth a binder spot.  So here's the three Browns listed below, all next to Bartolo Colon.

Last but not least, I added some stickers to the middle of the binder to even up that part.  I took two stickers from the quads below, Brayan Pena and Dewon Brazelton.
It's awesome Pena has a sticker - I personally never imagined he would and it's a nice little first year dealio.  Brazelton is less surprising given his high expectations back in the day, but it's cool that he has one nonetheless.  I may end up using all those stickers someday - Gomes is pretty alright, Cruz Jr. is neat in that everyone thought he was the next Griffey Jr., and Halladay is...Halladay.  So we'll see.

I needed one more sticker to finish off the middle, so I added the Vincent Brisby in the bottom left of this quad:
This card works on a few levels.  I always rostered Brisby back in my NFL Quarterback Club '98 days (for the N64).  He's also a Patriot, so that helps.  And finally, he's holding a Gatorade cup, so this sticker alludes back to my former cups on cards collection.  I kind of like when stuff comes full circle like that.

Here's all those middle cards together:

And then here's the whole binder right now:
A pretty full front!  I have quite a few cards to fill the gap between Salvador and Colon, and then I might start working on the binder edge or back.  Who knows exactly what it'll look like, but it'll definitely be colorful!

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