Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This is why we collect

Every now and then as a collector, a card comes into your possession that really reminds you why you collect in the first place.  It just encapsulates all aspects of your collecting personality so perfectly that when you see it you just know it's somewhat of a collection centerpiece.  Sam Deduno's Bowman #B36 is one such card for me, as is my Rusty Kuntz Trappers minors card.  And upon opening up my most recent mail, I knew this sticker would be one too.  This is literally how I was greeted:
For those who didn't read my last sticker post,  I mentioned having 1/2 of a Space Jam 4 part sticker, and how I might someday find the other two pieces.  A quick Ebay search after that post showed a guy who had several 4 sticker lots for sale and, though I only needed two, the price was right so I grabbed it.  So I knew Stan Podalak, or Wayne Knight/Newman/that bad guy in Jurassic Park as many others know him, was part of the sticker set when I bought it.  But when I actually got the stickers in the mail and saw his smirking face front and center, it really hit me how absurd it is that back in the day, kids would rip open sticker packs and get this image of Wayne Knight staring back at them.  It's exactly the kind of absurdity I love, and so I'm probably the happiest person to have ever received this 4th of the Space Jam sticker.

The bottom right sticker is pretty sweet too though - it's Mugsey Bogues with Charles Barkley looking down at him:
I looked up (hardy har har) to Bogues growing up, as he was so short yet pretty good at a tall man's game.  So it's cool to have a sticker of him!

I already put the new stickers on my binder - all together it looks like this:
I wonder where Bill Murray was at.  Or Larry Bird, since he has a brief cameo in the movie too.  Nonetheless, a pretty significant seven for one pieced together sticker.

And here's how the binder currently looks:
Still got a lot of blank space...but don't worry it'll get filled up soon!