Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Big COMC Buy Part 2 - The WR QB, the Backup QB, and the Out of the League QB

Man, I sure can pick 'em.  I mean I knew that Jarrett Payton was out of the league, and that Seneca Wallace was out of a job, and that Thaddeus Lewis is a backup.  But I at least had B.J. Daniels backing up Russell Wilson in Seattle.

Well, until now.  He switched positions, to WR.  So now he's like 5th or 6th on the depth chart while R.J. Archer gets to hold the clipboard for Russell Wilson.  Oh I'm sure Daniels will still be an emergency QB, and might even do some scout team stuff in practice...but this definitely lowers the chances of future B.J. Daniels cards in the world.  So I'll have to really appreciate the ones that were already made, like these two Crown Royale parallels:
Awesome colors on those, especially the /25 Gold.  I wish Daniels the best of luck at WR, as the Hawks definitely need all the help they can get (playoffs notwithstanding) so he's got as good a shot as any as emerging with playing time at the season's beginning.

I mentioned Thad Lewis and Jarrett Payton too, so obviously I grabbed a few cards of theirs.  Thad I actually only got one, his base Hit auto.  I used to own like five of these back in the day, for flipping purposes on COMC.  I grabbed one back for the collection and I think it looks great:
His auto is definitely third place of the QBs on this list - but I still love its loopiness!

Last but not least, the Jarrett Paytons.  Starting with another buyback, /25:
So obviously I'm an idiot, but I traded for this a few years ago at my LCS.  I liked Brown's style, saw it was /25, and figured it was worth picking up.  There were none on COMC, so I sent it in and charged like $4.50.  Someone bought it (probably at half off) and it has been on COMC at some random price since then.

Well whoever ended up with this card in the latest game of Jarrett Brown Hot Potato had it priced really low - like less than a dollar.  Considering I sold it for like $2.50 (factoring in the processing fee) I still made money on the card even with repurchasing it.  But I could have just, ya know, kept it. Anyways, I'm glad it made its way back to Cincy.

This /999 Elite card looks similar to the Longevity parallel above, but it's just the Elite base:
Donruss Elite is one of the best sets of all time.  No debate there, it just is.  Awesome set, especially when you get into all the die cuts and golds and stuff.

Last card of the post is the best (IMHO).  It's a nifty little Plates and Patches auto /25:
Yeah it's a sticker, but Brown's autograph, as usual, is I don't mind.  Great addition to the collection!

And so ends another COMC post - there's still some other awesome cards to come, so stay tuned!

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