Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Big COMC Buy Part 3 - The stuff that doesn't really fit my collection

So I'd say my COMC purchases of late typically come out to 55% collection stuff and 40% stuff for other people.  That leaves 5% for random goodies that catch my eye.  Here's what fell under that umbrella on my most recent purchase.

First up is a gold Rick Asadoorian /100.  He's similar to John Clifford in that he was a Central Massachusetts guy, although Asadoorian was born in Worcester: 
Looking at Asadoorian's Baseball Reference is pretty interesting.  He went from a first round Red Sox pick (in 1999) who earned a then Sox record $1.7 bonus to a journeyman in just two short years.  He was traded as part of a package for Dustin Hermanson, then traded straight up for Esteban Yan, and later converted to pitching in the Reds system.  He then finished his career hitting and pitching for the Worcester Tornadoes before hanging up the spikes for good.

This Dana Barros was an impulse buy, and pricey one for me (like $4.50!):
My Dad loves the Celtics, so we watched them a ton growing up even when they weren't good.  Like Asadoorian he's a Massachusetts boy, and from 1995 to 2000 he did all he could to make the Celtics watchable, including hitting a 3 pointer in a then record 89 consecutive games (since broken by Kyle Korver).

This card was like 40 cents...can't pass that up for a Red Sox great:
Okay, so Lowe wasn't that great - but he meant a lot to that first title team.  He's also the guy who was traded with Jason Varitek, by the Mariners, to the Sox, for Heathcliff Slocumb.  I feel like that trade needs to never be forgotten.

My PC could always use a few more scrub "hits" - so why not a Bruce Gradkowski dual jersey auto /50?
The Toledo Ohio product was a 6th round pick by the Bucs in 2006, and he ended up starting 11 games for those 2006 Bucs with 3 game winning drives in the process.  That said, he didn't set the world on fire, so after another year in Tampa as a backup, he has since been in Cleveland, Oakland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.  He's had 9 starts in that time, but none have come since 2010.

These last two cards both have to do with MLB Power Pros, so I'll showcase them together:
Francisco Rosario auto /100
Jorge Sosa /299

When you play MLB Power Pros, there is a teeny tiny free agency pool when you start.  I want to say there are maybe 8 guys tops - but two of the pitchers are Rosario and Sosa.  Rosario is fairly cheap, Sosa costs a little more because he has starter stamina.  Both quickly make their way onto my team whenever I play Power Pros, as they're both pretty awesome.  Rosario has a nasty little sinker with good motion, while Sosa has a blazing fastball that leads to a lot of strikeouts.

As always, video game success leads to me liking certain guys, and in this case it was enough for me to grab cheap cards of each guy.  I wonder if I'm stop collecting if I stopped playing video games?  Guess the world may never know!

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