Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Big COMC Buy part 4 - The Other Stuff

So...I don't really love how all my card posts are variations on "Look at these cards I just got!  Aren't they neat?"  I like the blogs that somehow weave a story into the cards, and want to try to do that in the future (whether or not I stick to that...let's say 50/50).  

That said, this post will just be a "Look at these cards" post.  So look at them!

First two are nice Massaquoi cards, one with stiching /50, and one with two colors /25
I really like how high end-ish his cards have started out for me.

Next is Jose Lopez.  It's a Chrome Refractor, and when it shines it really goes well with those Mariner colors:

I also grabbed a Sam Deduno card that isn't his Bowman card yet again.  It's his Topps Black card from last year's set, and is /63:
Definitely striking out Mike Trout in this picture.  Obviously...Deduno can do no wrong.

 This one guy on COMC had a ton of the old Pacific Crown Royale Limited Series /25 cards for sale.  I grabbed one of his J.R. Redmonds...he had two.  This one is 21/25, which is Redmond's jersey number!
Redmond was the man.  I mean when people talk Super Bowl winning Patriots, they all think Tom Brady, or Adam Vinatieri, or defense, or whatever.  Few think of Redmond, but without his receptions out of the backfield in 2001, especially on the final drive, the Pats don't win their first Super Bowl.  That's a large part of why I collect Redmond.  It's a shame he wasn't able to extend his career too long after his New England days, as his two years in Oakland looked decent (5 yards per carry on 30 carries) but he was still released.  He was then set to take on punt and kick return duties in Ariona, but a shoulder injury put him on IR and ended his career.  For shame.

Speaking of returners, this is the last awesome card I got from COMC this time around.  It's a big 'un...2004 Exclusives /50 of Rod Smart:
Lower numbered stuff of Smart doesn't come up a lot, let alone cheap stuff.  So this was a must psyched the seller put it on COMC rather than Ebay or whatever.  I also dig Tebucky Jones' attempted tackle here...I'm thinking Rod Smart definitely broke through for a big gain.  Good stuff.

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