Friday, July 10, 2015

Spring Cleaning COMC Purchase: Highlights from the PC Relics

Even though I'm collecting a lot of new guys, it seems like many of them have barely any jersey cards.  So the fact that I was able to get like 15 during COMC's spring cleaning was pretty big.  Here were a few of my favorites.

Probably the biggest get for me was a relic card of Billy Hamilton!  Since he plays and is somewhat of a fan favorite, I haven't really gotten any of his cards for cheap yet, so his PC page was sitting barren.  It now has two cards - this one and an awesome card you'll see in a few days.
I love the way the fabric - how it has those different stripes to it.  Very cool card, and it's just put together so nice.

The other baseball relic I grabbed is of former Red Shin-Soo Choo.  It's a pretty basic jersey, but it has some red coloring on it, which is always a neat addition:
The way jerseys are, its hard to ever really tell what color on a jersey like that means.  Blood?  Pasta stains?  Residue from stitching gone long ago?  Randomness that someone added to the card to try to increase its value?  Whatever the reason, it makes it a more interesting card overall - and I'm just glad to have my first Choo relic!

Fuji is all into firsts and lasts, so he might dig this card.  It's a college worn jersey of Mohamed Massquoi, #'d 100/100:
I always love college worn stuff, especially in football.  A lot of times the only authentic sounding write ups are for pieces from the NFL Rookie Premiere, where the material isn't really used as much as it is worn for a little bit.  So for a lot of guys I collect, college worn stuff is the only true "used" materials they have - so it's always neat to grab these.

The last few relics I grabbed are all of the same guy.  This guy:
Well, the guy on the front of this beautiful patch card actually.  I meant this guy:
I have any Priest Holmes relics coming into this sale, and now I own five or six.  The above two sided one is definitely my favorite - it comes from his Ravens' days, which is when I first became aware of his awesomeness, and it features a nice patch of former Iggle Charlie Garner as well.  Titanium made some really great patch cards back in the day, and this dual is no exception.

I guess one of the other cards technically had some Raven in it as well:
This card is a cool timeline one - the left patch comes from a Ravens jersey, and then the right jersey piece is when Priest was a Chief.

The other two patches I'll show off here are purely from Priest's Chiefs days...but man are they bold:
The Stat Patch is an awesome one - bright and colorful yellow, which would be meh if it was white or red but really stands out since it's that third color on the Chiefs jersey.

Then the Team Colors one just really stands out for being a nice die cut with a fairly big patch piece.  Beautifully designed cards both.

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  1. Nice patches! And obviously I'm a big fan of the college stuff too.