Friday, July 17, 2015

Spring Cleaning COMC Purchase: Highlights from the PC Autos

It's been a bit, but I thought I'd continue showing off goodies from my most recent COMC purchase!

The first is another one Dennis assisted with on COMC - it's my first Billy Hamilton autograph!
Once again, he gets a lot of flak for his terrible OBP, and that's valid, but there are few players as fun to watch when they're on as this guy.  So amazing.  So it's nice to finally add an auto to the good ol' PC!

I also grabbed a huge auto for one of my PCs - it's a Priest Holmes autograph from his Ravens days.  And man, he has a tremendous autograph:
I love that it's in his Ravens uniform, and it's awesome that he added a jersey number too.  Beautiful card, and I got it for a steal considering a lot of his autographs go for $10+.

I grabbed a few nice QB autos from Sage Hit:
Lewis' auto looks like poop next to Brown's excellent John Hancock, but I love both of these cards.  Nice little design - Sage always did know how to place a sticker.

The best Jarrett Brown autograph I got in this grouping though was definitely this higher end SPX card:
Epic, right?  College picture, numbering on the front, nice place for the autograph, great color's just a really well put together card.  I would love to get a Seneca Wallace autograph custom done like this, although it seems like it'd probably be a ton of work to get 'er done.

A few more paragraphs, all nice ones of wide receivers.  First one of my first Mohamed Massaquoi autographs - I got a few in this package but this was my favorite one:
He's got an interesting little auto, with a big old "M" and then a whole bunch of other shenanigans.  I like it, I'm just curious which letters he uses, as I can't really tell!

Finally, we have the two biggest autos of the wide receiver group - both Deion Branch, and both thanks to Dennis:
Branch cards are surprisingly cheap given his historical tributes to the Patriots franchise, but his autos still command a bit of a premium, so it was awesome to walk away from the COMC sale with a few autographs.  Of these two, I think I prefer the Bowman's Best since it's a rookie one - ain't nothing wrong with that!  Awesome cards both.

I've got one more COMC post to recap, and then I've got some trade stuff from Dennis and a new PC to announce.  So it should be a busy next week of posts as long as I find time!


  1. I'm a WVU guy so I'm really digging those Jarrett Brown's.

  2. Glad you like 'em! I definitely think that SPX card is one of the best cards of all my football PC's...the colors just all tie together so dang well.