Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning COMC Purchase: Highlights from the Baseball Serial #'d PC Stuff

So the baseball stuff is a lot quicker than the football stuff, and it's just two guys, but I wanted to give it its own post because BASEBALL.  So Elizardo Ramirez and Jose Lopez fans, rejoice,  This is your moment.

The two Elizardo cards I got are weird because they're from the same set.  I got both the Topps Golds from 2007 - card #84 and card #554:
Has anyone realized this before (I mean in general I'm sure, but on the blogs)?  Does anyone even collect 2007 Topps with all its chipping issues?  Anyways, it's cool for one of my PC guys to get two cards in a base set, since often they get zero.  So I'll take it!

The other cards I'm featuring here are all little runs of Jose Lopez parallel.  Like I got his Bowman Blue:
and Orange:

I also grabbed a Topps Finite Blue:
And the base:

And then grabbed a Triple Threads Emerald card:
Bronze card:
And the base:
I just love seeing so much color in my binders, so all those parallels in one fell swoop did a lot for my Jose Lopez PC.


  1. "El Lizardo" is the name of my mariachi band where we all dress up like the Geico gecko

    1. Lol! It's all about The Lizard Man. Such a beast.