Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning COMC Purchase: Highlights from the Football PC Serial Numbered Cards, featuring duplicates

You'd think that when buying 100 cards all at once, you wouldn't buy any duplicates (unless on purpose).  But sometimes you find one card at a good price early on, search a bunch of other stuff in between, and then find the next highest price card also at a good deal.  And that's how you end up with two of the same card and a facepalm.

Luckily all the other cards here are distinct, but I'll start with the twins, which are both Deion Branch Playoff Tickets /99:
I can totally see why I bought this the 2nd time (let alone the first time).  It's a great looking card in general - one of the better ticket designs I've seen over the years of Contenders, with a nice ticket look but also a nifty space for a crisp photo.  But my favorite part is the serial # = it's on the ticket portion as the seat number, with each one individually stamped with one number between 1 and 99.  Pretty epic.  I'll be keeping one of these and either trading the other one or sending it back to COMC, so if you want dibs call it, otherwise it'll eventually be off to other places!

I grabbed a few other Branchs (Branches?) too.  I especially liked this cool little Box Score card about his first ever touchdown:

And then this dual card from 2003 Pros and Prospects with fellow Patriot great Troy Brown:
I know 2003 P&P pretty well since Seneca had a card in the set.  I wish Troy and Deion had a relic card like Seneca and Antwaan Randle El do, but I don't believe that to be the case.  Regardless, I need to find a sweet card of Troy Brown's someday - he's the man.

Speaking of awesome Patriots cards, I picked up this awesome jersey #'d card of J.R. Redmond for my PC, 21/25:
Is there a better addition to cards ever than gold?  I swear, put gold in a card's title and I am 250% more likely to purchase it.  It's just always great.

The lowest serial #'d card I grabbed was this Mohamed Massaquoi - 5/5!
People seem to hate on college jerseys so much - this was barely $1 during the COMC sale.  I'll pay that all day for something this rare of a PC guy, and I happen to think the colors here look great.

I grabbed two cards from Playoff Honors for my PC, one was the rarer X's version of Lamont Brightful:
 And then the other was the more basic version of Woody Dantzler:
I feel like I never pick up cards of these guys since their card counts are so small, so it's nice to add something to those collections!

Ditto on Shantee Orr - I grabbed a Scorecard parallel of his /100.  It's real rainbow-y when the light reflects on it:

And ditto for Ben Gay, this one is #'d /750 right on the front:

I also grabbed a real low numbered Jarrett Brown card from Elite - always a great set, especially when die cut:

And a few Joique Bells - about dang time I got this collection started!
I like how all these photos are pretty much from the same practice.  I also dig how Bell's early cards are all Eagles and Bills - the two teams who had him and let him go before he went to Detroit and became a semi-star.  Makes the rookies pretty strange looking, but in a good way.

Speaking of rookie cards with teams that the guy isn't known for, here's Thad Lewis, who is pretty much always a Ram on his cards but was basically never a Ram:
This is a ticket /99 (like the Branch above).  Looks great, but I still prefer the Branch one.

Last but not least, I grabbed like 15 Priest Holmes serial #'d cards.  Here were my 3 favorites:

The Bowman and the Finest just look amazing - Chiefs colors go good with almost anything.  The Ravens Graded card is just cool because I love old higher end upper Deck, and it's great having some Holmes Ravens cards in my serial #'d collection too.

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