Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bo still knows COMC

Earlier this Summer, Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! sent me a buttload of basketball cards, with the bulk intended for COMC as I deemed fit and then a few for my PC.  It went so well that we did it again, and I'd say the results were just as awesome!  A few PC grabs, a lot of stuff sent off to be sold on COMC, and then a third pile of stuff I don't really collect but which is cool enough to stick around my collection anyways.  Quite a nice little deal if you ask me!

Bo started with a trio of 2007 Topps needs for my PC:
I love facsimile signatures, so these are great.  And I can't wait to grab the other Elizardo Ramirez base from 2007 Topps since he has two!

The other true PC need Bo sent was a Bowman Chrome Priest Holmes:
They say Chrome is King, and I'm not going to disagree with them - awesome card here.

Speaking of Chrome, to start non-PC stuff I kept several giant piles of Finest cards that have that Chrome sheen to them.  They may be basketball and hockey (Bo added some hockey, football, golf, and non-sport to this lot) for the most part, but dang do they look nice.  Of the lot of 9 cards below, I'd say I kept like 30 cards each from 5 of the top 6 cards (the Tony Gonzalez was one of two Chrome Black football cards):
The Vlade Divac Finest was from an especially cool set - it's very rainbow-y like it's baseball counterpart and looks great.  The bottom three cards are more random.  The left Jarome Iginla is, I believe, a first year card, so I held onto two copies of that.  The middle card is just a silly portrait shot that made me chuckle.  And the right card is from the same set and is an early Byron Dafoe, a chump goalie I remember from my days growing up watching the Bruins.

Here's another 9, all really cool looking or ridiculous looking basketball cards:
They all stand out, but personal faves in the looks department are the "Maximus Rejectus" insert, the die cut in the top right (they're also numbered to like 3100, which is cool), the epic Tyus Edney in the middle (which brings back memories of NBA Jam) and the nice back to the Gilbert Arenas card on the right, which has a Tiffany feel.

Personal faves in the "wtf?" department include the Michael Bradley card that lists his hometown as "Warcester, MA" (he was a local legend in WORCESTER when I was growing up), the Gary Payton with a crazy hat "chillin" card, and the Toni Kukoc card with weird Skybox poetry talking about how awesome he is.

I also snagged a few players I could someday PC again (likely not, but you never know) in Mitch Richmond and Dino Radja:
Great cards of theirs, plus a cool Chrome of Corey Bradord, a nice Collector's Choice insert of Dominik Hasek, and a really cool shot of Artus Irbe skating onto the ice at the beginning of a game.

Bo said he'd throw in some Browns and Bengals too.  The Bengals all went straight into the trade box, but a few Brownies (and a Patriot) got pulled:
Man, I just can't quit Josh Gordon.  The kid has such potential...

The NBA cards here are a super shiny Shawn Bradley (I believe this one is a Row 0), a neat Kyle Lowry RC, and then a fancy schmancy Tony Battie RC.

Getting close to the end, here's a few more cards that caught my eye:
The Ninja Turtles card really stands out as a cool oddball (it's the only TMNT card I didn't send in to COMC).  I also loved the write up of the John Stockton card, showing how he specifically played in the All Star game.  The Corliss Williamson $2 phone card (lol phone cards) is another highlight here, but my favorite two are definitely the early cards of Tracy McGrady and Chauncey Billups from when they were both Raptors.  Those were weird times.

And it wouldn't be a post with basketball cards from Bo if I didn't close it with some metal:
Still probably my favorite set of all time, the 1997 edition at least.  Vin Baker's shot here is especially cool - it's like he just shouted "There Can Only Be One!" Highlander style.  So epic.

Thanks again Bo, and I hope you enjoy the stuff headed back your way!

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  1. Glad you like them - and that the others net you some cash!