Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Late Posting of Birthday Oyos!

My birthday was almost a month ago now, but I've had a lot to post about so the recap of these little dudes I got is only just getting up now.  So sue me!

(Not really!)

Anyways, I always like collecting little oddball figures for my collection whenever possible.  Like Corinthian Headliners...those things are amazing.  Or bobbleheads.  Well I was pretty excited when I realized that a few guys I collect are available in Oyo form, which is sort of like Lego but also sort of not.  I'd never seen any in person, so it was cool checking these things out, and I'll show you guys some pics!

The two Oyos I got for my birthday are one for a PC (Chris Colabello) and one that goes with my IceCats stuff (Bryce Salvador).  I was surprised that either of these guys merited an Oyo, but I was stunned that Salvador had one at all, so that's super cool.  Here are the backs of the boxes, highlighting what you get with each figure, including "facial likeness!"

Here's what it looks like once you slide the box part off:

And here's what Bryce looks like all put together.  To give a place to take a picture I stacked him on a few VHS and put a white boxed VHS in the background.

Very cool options, with the helmet, face mask, skates, stick, and puck all removable.  He was actually really tough to put together though...one skate kept popping off and I had to look at the box to see a way to make his hands work holding the stick. The final result is pretty sweet though.  I especially love little details like the team name on the helmet:
Or the name and number on the back:

Most of you are probably more interested in the baseball ones, so here's Chris Colabello in front of underrated gem I Heart Huckabees.

I like that the ball can fit in his glove but that it can also be carried in his hand.  Here's the back:
And then the set also comes with an alternate hat - so I took one picture of Colabello with his hat and holding the ball too:
(By the way, Huckabees was very much NOT $9.99 at Blockbuster.  I must've bought like 100 VHS when movie stores put them out in $0.25-$0.50 bins to get rid of them all - Huckabees was in one of those purchases and was well worth it).

So with the figures all out of their packages and ready to rock, I had to decide where to put them.  I put Salvador's OYO on my Ice Cat shelf, which sits above my desk and holds a bunch of team autos and Ice Cat pucks:

And then Colabello gets to go on one of the shelves on the opposite wall, surrounded by a few Fred McGriffs, Mad Dog, and some excellent cardboard pieces:
Oyos are pretty cool, and if you have a guy you collect who has one, I'd suggest picking one up as they're a fun little piece of memorabilia!  I know Shin-Soo Choo has a couple and Billy Hamilton does as well, so I'm sure more Oyo will be in my future!

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