Monday, August 31, 2015

COMC helps me go H.A.M.(ilton) on the trade front

(I don't know how many of you out there are connoisseurs of "the rap game," but the title reference comes from this lovely duet by Kanye Omari West and Shawn Corey Carter: 

I've gotten really, REALLY used to getting all my PC stuff on COMC.  So used to it that I hate spending real money anywhere else.  I mean obviously I frequent Ebay a little...I gotta get my Seneca Wallace fix now and again...but in general I do all my buying with COMC credit.  Heck I'd buy my milk, bread, and gas there too if they had those in stock.

So when a guy on Blowout recently mentioned that he saw I collected Billy Hamilton, my first thought was "Crap" (Well, it was less PC than that, it started with F and rhymed with "duck").  I had no desire to buy this card outright.  And I don't really have anything trade worthy in my trade piles these days.  So how could I acquire this card when I was so addicted to spending just COMC credit?

The answer?  Trade through COMC.  I offered to buy him similar value on COMC and then send him those cards.  He was a little confused at first (understandably) but then picked two autos he liked and the trade was on.  I bought them and sent to him...and in return the guy went H.A.M. on my collection - Billy Ham (ilton) that is:
Ain't it a beaut?  And a serial numbered rookie card to boot!  I love it.

Here's the's numbered 50/60:
I love the little write up here, and it's awesome seeing Billy's first major league stats as the only stats on a card.  He hit the MLB running (literally) and put up stats so amazing that expectations for his play were set through the roof.  Of course he hasn't come close to those expectations since, but it's still cool to remember how strong he was that September several years ago.

The Blowout guy also added a second card to the package for funzies - it's a Chrome RC of Devin Mesoraco:
I actually really like Mesoraco even though I collect his backup/injury replacement.  I like Mesoraco so much that I kept him in fantasy this past offseason, hoping for 25-30 HR and a decent average.  Instead he got hurt, flirted with playing DH or the OF for like 3 months (when he should have just been shut down and allowed to heal), and then finally went on the 60 day DL where he resides today.  I still think he'll be a sneaky good pick in fantasy leagues next year, although hip injuries can be tough to work through.  Best luck to him either way.

So thus ends my first true COMC trade - stay tuned in coming days for more Billy Hamilton and other athletic center fielders!

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