Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dennis sends me Too Many Cards (But what else is new)

Me and Dennis, of the Too Many blogs, have a sweet deal going.  I keep selling on COMC, I buy him up cool Michigan stuff there, and he finds me good PC stuff everywhere.  We used to kind of guide each other a little towards certain purchases - hey buy this, hey watch this on Eba, etc., but over time there's been much more...spontaneity.  Which is awesome.  I'd say this trade is 40% planned, 60% random awesomeness he found.  And that's a good thing.

I mean look at the Griffey relic he found:
Dude collects Griffey, and didn't have this card, but figured I'd like it so he sent it my way.  That's an amazing trade partner.  And the above is an amazing card, my first Griffey relic to date.

He had doubles of these weird Griffey 8 x 10 portraits, so he sent me one.  It's epicly huge, and hugely awesome:
Looks like a regular card:
But it's the size of an 8 x 10 portrait.  It dominated the package that Dennis cool.

He also sent me a few Choos:
I love the Supreme Green, but the shot on the Topps base card is so great.  He totally made that catch and then threw out a runner at home.  Clearly.

I got an awesome Billy Hamilton card.  Can I get a REFRACTOR?
Stealing his 100th base of the year right here.  Or rather, he would be if he got on base a bit more.  Literally, if he could get a .250 OBP, he'd hit 100 stolen bases.  Maybe 125.  Kid has some insane speed.

Dennis added a few cards of The Lizard Man (my nickname for him) to my collection, including an autograph where he used a very small portion of the available space:
And a gorgeous Pristine parallel:
Topps Pristine is one of the best high end sets of all time.  Disagree?  I'll fight you!

Last for baseball, Beckett claims that Jose Lopez hasn't had a card since like 2011.  Lies, since he has some Japanese cards, one of which Dennis grabbed me on Ebay:
Awesome, right?  I can read like, three words on the back, but it's a pretty cool back.  It has all of his MLB stats, with a total, and then his Japan stats, with a total.  In retrospect, I should've shown the back.  Whoops.

Moving on to football - Dennis absolutely killed it with this Deion Branch auto, #'d 1/25:
Nicely centered auto, Patriots colors - this is one HELL OF A CARD.  Well worth the trade all by itself.  And yet he added everything before this and everything after it.  This is why you trade with Dennis people!

He added another Deion Branch auto for good measure:
I (understandably) care a lot less for his Seahawks days, but I love the look of Topps Magic, so I'm glad that Branch had an auto in that set.  I'd love a Seneca Wallace custom from this set as well - man someday I'm gonna spend so much cash on weird Seneca customs.

Dennis also sent my first Joique Bell auto:
He got it on COMC, not in Michigan, so he didn't pay infinite billion dollars - but it's still my first auto of an awesome NFL RB so I'm glad he grabbed it.

Dennis also sent a few more Jarrett Brown autos:
Elite autos are always my favorites, but the other two are cool as well.  I like how the PressPass auto gives so much room for him to write.

And finally, we come to one of the most epic cards in the package - this autographed Mohamed Massaquoi manupatch /78:
I've never really had a guy who was in a manupatch set, so this is new to me.  I hope to someday spell out whatever this set is supposed to say (I think his name) and show it off in excellent fashion.

Thanks Dennis for all the awesome stuff, as always!  I look forward to our future trades, and will be shipping home a bunch more Michigan stuff on COMC to send your way!

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