Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Newest COMC Grabs - The PC Baseball/Mike James Stuff including a fairly epic Griffey

So on my recent COMC purchase, I grabbed a ton of PC stuff.  Figured I'd show off baseball first, so here goes!

First is a card that is now my oldest Shin-Soo Choo.  It'd the 2002 Topps Gold parallel, featuring a young Chris Snelling:
I also grabbed a more recent gold parallel of Chris Colabello:

Moving on from golds, I got this pretty neat Elizardo Ramirez signature from the 'Signature Moves" set:
I kinda dig the weird leery background, and of course signatures are always good too!  There's something strange about Ramirez's sig though - the pen almost always gets all weird in the middle.  I wonder why!

Most of you are here for the epic Griffey - so I'll share that here:
When I saw this fairly cheap on COMC, I knew I had to have it.  It's just such a well made card, with a relic window better than most and a cool spot for the serial numbering as well at a time when serial numbering actually meant something.  Add in that Griffey's a Mariner, and really this card is pretty much perfect.

I grabbed another Griffey bat relic too, this one being one I used to own a while back:
When I collected Fred McGriff I called this card neat because it shared Griffey.  Now I think it's neat that it shares McGriff.  Just disregard the dudes on the left side of the card!

The next few cards are basketball but, like the collection they come from, they can share in with baseball cards from time to time.  So here are my four newest Mike James cards.  The first is a sweer looking Xfractor:

And then COMC claims the next three are wood cards, but I think it's just the top two and the third is something else.  I'm too lazy to check Beckett today but I'll check it eventually:
Regardless, they're all serial numbered to different rarities (the pink is /35!), and they make great adds to the Mike James collection.

Last but not least, I grabbed a bunch of cheap golds of Brayan Peña, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite sub PCs.  Guy just plays the game right, and catchers always make for great cards.  Here he is as a Royal in 2012 Topps

A Red in 2014 Topps

A Tiger in 2014 Topps

And a Royal in 2011 Topps
I think the 2011 picture definitely takes the cake.  He's out!

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