Thursday, August 27, 2015

One of the biggest Ebay buys I've ever found! Three never before seen PC cards IN ONE PACKAGE!

So I mentioned that the Stith auto was a teaser, and it's been a few days of waiting, so it's time now to show you what you've all been waiting of my biggest Ebay buys IN YEARS!

Here goes...
Okay, the focal point isn't this DeMarcus Cousins.  But he was part of the package, as I found a seller with lots of cool stuff who also provided free shipping for each subsequent card you bought.  This is a card I threw in when I realized I won the 3 cards below it - a $0.14 bid was enough to grab it, and I'll take a shiny Cousins for 14 cents!

But the big purchases were the other 3 cards.  Continuing on to the 3rd best card of the package, which is in a weird zone between mother of mercy awesome and at least PC relevant (because I do collect the guy), is this dual relic card of J.R. Redmond:
This is the start of cards I've never seen before, though it's certainly the least rare given that it's not even numbered.  That said, I like the simplicity of the x design, and I think the two relic pieces look really cool together.  It's nice to add a fairly unique little relic to my budding J.R. Redmond PC!

So that brings us to the two most amazing cards in the package/the two most amazing cards that have come in the mail to me in a while.  The first, which would've been near the top of my top 10 want list if I had one in my sidebar, is a Shyrone Stith three color patch from Pacific Private Stock /100:
Stith only has two jersey cards - the base version of this and this patch version /100.  I have never seen a 2 color jersey in the base version, so I figured my only hope for a 2+ color jersey piece of Stith was the patch card.  And lo and behold, the first one I ever see has a gorgeous 3 color patch in it.  Simply an unbelievable card - one that I thought would take years for me to find given Stith's relative anonymity amongst football fans, so I'm pretty pumped the seller listed it!

Now that card is a huge get for my PC, especially since I love patch cards so much.  So what could possibly top that, especially since Shyrone Stith is basically the collection I focus on second most next to Seneca Wallace? about a never before seen Seneca Wallace patch card /25?!?!?!?!
And remember, these cards were all posted by the same Ebay seller on the same day.  It's like he saw my blog, looked for a bunch or rarities of guys I collected, and then threw them all on Ebay at a cheap price.   I mean what are the odds of a rare Seneca Wallace I need AND a rare Shryone Stith I need being posted on the same day?  They can't be very high.

Anyways, the Seneca Wallace card is just...beyond words awesome.  The Sage jersey set has become one of my favorite parts of collecting Seneca (I mean look at this website's header - there's a Seneca Sage Jersey in the middle of it) and it's nice to come one step closer to completing the set.  I also love that this jersey piece has some of the blue from near the numbering in it - you see a lot of white, yellow, and red in Seneca jersey pieces, so it's good to add a little more variation to the set.

So obviously this package is simply amazing.  But in a few days I'll show off an EVEN RARER Seneca Wallace PC need that I found.  I guess when it rains, it pours...right?  What a couple of weeks it has been for my PCs...

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