Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A sign of Ebay things to come: Shyrone Stith Contenders Parallel /100

When I first won this card on Ebay, I was ecstatic about it, as I had never seen one before and it was therefore a pretty huge PC get.  But then like a week later I won a bunch of even bigger stuff (that you'll see on Thursday) and this card got pushed to the background a bit.  But it still is that awesome...so I'll give it a quick share before Thursday's amazeballs.

It's Stith's Championship Ticket parallel, #'d /100:
The weird thing about 2000 Contenders is that it always makes me think of NFL Europe.  There are a bunch of guys with NFL Europe 2000 Contenders cards, and they really stand out with non-traditional helmets where this Jaguar helmet is and a slightly more colorful left side.  Their NFL counterparts look somewhat drab in comparison, but this one still features Shyrone Stith, who is the man, along with a crisp on-card auto, so I love it.  Well done yet again Contenders!

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