Sunday, September 6, 2015

COMC Card Show Part Gajillion - Fairly Reds-tastic

So I'm working on a "How do I do it" COMC post after a few requests.  But today all I have to show off are some of my newest acquisitions from said site.  Lots of baseball, lots of shiny!

A bunch of Choos to begin, with some side by side Topps Chrome parallels:

And a pair of side by side jerseys:
The one on the right is a mini jersey, which is kinda neat.  As for the jersey on the left, I'm real curious where it came from.  It's...interesting...anyone have any ideas?

I grabbed a slightly bigger jersey purchase too, since it was on sale for a pretty good price.  Just a nice little swatch of the man they call Junior!
I wanna say this was like $3, which is AWESOME for a Griffey relic IMHO.  I really dig it, and I think it's a cool looking swatch too - it's got some interesting texture to it even if it's not some crazy patch card.

I got a mini Junior's not a jersey card, but it is very very tiny!  It's one of those micro cards:
Here it is embiggened:
It's the gold version, and I think it looks pretty amazing.  It's always weird trying to store these in a binder page, but it definitely catches the eye in more ways that one.

One last Griffey, with a pic from his High School days:
I only realized that Griffey went to Moeller just last year.  And before I moved to Cincy that wouldn't really mean much, but now that I love here and know some teachers/coaches there, it's kind of cool to know that association.

In reverse from my last post, I'll follow up Griffey with a few Billy Hamiltons I grabbed:
Again, a mini with a regular sized card.  These two cards have been cheap on the site FOREVER but I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and finally just had to have them.  You can only see a Bowman Blue /500 so many times before it has to get into your shopping cart I guess.

One final baseball card to share, which Bo mentioned on his blog a few weeks back.  It's this really cool minor league card of Chris Lombardozzi where he's eating Arby's on the card:
Which would be weird in and of itself, but then the card turns out to be sponsored by McDonald's:
Too hilarious not to be in my PC!

Just a few non-baseball cards in this purchase, but the big one was a Mike James/Randy Foye dual auto /33:
Some seller on COMC had like 50 nice Randy Foye cards on deep discount, and I'm happy one of them was an auto he shared with James!  I now have one auto of all three of the Mikes James(es?) in my collection, which I think definitely solidifies my place among the world's premiere Mike James collectors.

And then we move on to football, with a Jarrett Brown silver parallel auto:
(never get tired of that auto)

And then some blue-ness, in the form of a Joique Bell Crown base card and a J.R. Redmond parallel /250 from Pacific Invincible:
What's weird is I don't think that Redmond has a jersey card in that Invincible set.  Which is a shame, because I kind of dig those jersey cards where the little acetate face is replaced with a jersey swatch.

So ends this most recent COMC post!  In the future I'll someday get that COMC tips and tricks post up, but in the much sooner future I've got some customs to show off!


  1. That Lombardozzi card is funny. I guess McDonald's didn't have a chance to approve the cards; they just sponsored them.

  2. Yeah, that Chris Lombardozzi card is great!

  3. Thanks guys! I used to work at Arby's when I was a kid so I especially dig it!