Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Redemption Day

There's a good chance that, if you know the song "Redemption Day," it's because of the Johnny Cash version.

And it's an awesome version of the song - I love it, but my heart will always be with the original by Sheryl Crow:

It's off of Crow's 2nd album, a self-titled affair that ruffled some feathers due to her lyrics (including being banned from Walmart) and that ultimately will probably be remembered most for "If It Makes You Happy" more than anything.  But I remember my Mom really liked it and had the cassette, and in turn I really liked it and played the cassette like crazy (sort of likes my Dad owning "Into the Great Wide Open" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  It was 19 years ago when we got this tape, but I still probably have all of the words to "Superstar" (track 11) memorized from all the times I listened to these tracks.  Good times for sure.

Anyways, the card tie in to all this mumbo jumbo is that I recently did another COMC trade through Blowout.  One guy wanted some Army autograph and offered me a Devonta Freeman redemption.  I don't care either way for Freeman, but I LOVE getting involved in online card thingies (remember the Million Card Giveaway?) so I jumped at the offer.  Put in my code, and apparently Devonta signed all his cards when asked, as this baby was in my mailbox barely two weeks later:
This one is either going to an Atlanta fan or hanging out in my PC for a bit, haven't really decided.  His autograph is pretty lazy, but at least he forms his D's relatively well!  

Anyways, hopefully you guys at least got to listen to a good tune because of this post!

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