Wednesday, October 7, 2015

COMC Walkthroughs - More on offers, including Auto Accept and a list of specific Auto Accepts by COMC-er

So in my initial COMC walkthrough post, I mentioned the ability to make offers on cards.  It's a pretty basic part of the site, and I think most people realize it's there, but there's a misunderstanding around offers I wanted to clear up and a trick involving offers that I wanted to share, so those'll be the subject of this post.  I'll also include a list of sellers with known auto accepts to help you all get the best deals.  Hopefully this post will be helpful in some way!

The Misunderstanding:
Now on COMC, the highest offer you can offer on a card is 50% of the asking price, regardless of what it is.  So for a $100 card, the most you can offer is $50.  And on a $5 card the lowest you can offer is $2.50.  I'll demonstrate that with this Paul LoDuca card, where I click make an offer:

When I make an offer here, COMC lets me know that $2.50 is the lowest I can offer on this card.  It will either say something about how $2.50 is the lowest, or how the seller is not accepting offers right now - both mean the same thing:

I think this is an important thing to share, because some people see the lowest price is $2.50 and that message, and they think, "Man, this seller is a jerk who doesn't accept offers!"  But more often than not, it's just that the card is already at or beyond the offer threshold and that's why $2.50 is the minimum.  This won't always be the case (as we'll see with the card I use my trick on) but as I said it usually is.  So don't always let this discourage you from making future offers because you never know!

The Offer Trick:
So when you find a card you like, it's always nice to make an offer first instead of buying outright.  You'll need an account and all that to do so, which I detailed in that first walkthrough, but then you just click "make offer" under the card like I do below:

When I get to that next make an offer screen, what I always like to do is offer something BELOW 50% of the asking price.  Like I said above, it can't be accepted, and the seller won't see your offer as a result, but it does show you the lowest offer a seller will accept on a given card/set of cards.  Like below:

So with this card here, I found out that it's a $2.50 card and the most the seller will accept in an offer is 40% off, or $1.50.  There's no way to know that the seller will officially accept a 40% offer, but this gives me a better starting point for my offer than simple guessing.

With some sellers, I might go straight with the lowest possible offer of 40% off.  With others, I might say "So 40% off is his max - I'll try 30% off and see if offering 10% above his minimum makes the offer more palatable.  Everyone has their own strategy with what kind of offer they make, but it definitely helps to have the most information about a seller before you offer, and this little trick will give you that extra bit of information!

Sellers with Known Auto-Accepts:
So if you've read along this far, you finally get rewarded with my little self-kept list of known Auto-Accepts in the COMC world.  Auto-Accepts are awesome because instead of offering $2.50 and then waiting around for a week, COMC automatically accepts your offer for a given seller if they have the option turned on.  I've gotten a lot of good steals based on knowing people's Auto-Accepts, whether through them advertising it or me discovering it through my trick, so I figured I'd share my list with anyone on my blogroll as well so you guys will be able to always get the best price with these sellers.

Here's the list for ya'll - I'll try to keep it current as sellers alter the numbers they accept, but it'll always be most current on the Blowout Forums post that this list comes from:

50% Auto accept:

40% Auto accept:
darin2200 (Considering offers up to 50% off, $0.25 minimum offer)

25% Auto accept:
colls69 (Considering offers up to 50% off)
OldPaper (Considering offers up to 40% off)

20% Auto accept:
Affordable (Currently running 30% off sale)
ga5150 (considering offers up to 50% off)
Jonathan M (considering offers up to 35% off, accepting all offers for cards $9.99 or less)
Swipe79 (considering offers up to 30% off)
tdbaseballcards ($0.50 minimum offer, considering offers up to 38% off)
The700Level (considering offers up to 50% off)
thebrett (running a 25% off sale throughout the end of August)

15% Auto accept:
XtremePaul (considering offers up to 50%)

10% Auto accept:
iluvfish2 (Auto Reject is at 40%, but will almost always counter any offers)


  1. Great resource. I've spent less and less of my hard earned money on their site, because most of the offers I end up making get instantly shot down.

    1. I figure that happens with most buyers on the site - if I get frustrated despite having a lot of reasons to buy into the site, it must be 1,000 times as frustrating for people who aren't as invested as me. So hopefully this helps a few people out!