Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another COMC 100 - The Football Random Stuff, including a few cards lost and refound

I finally got to 100 cards again on COMC a few weeks ago, and had them sent my way.  Something like 70% of the lot was PC needs, but I also grabbed some random stuff that just fits my general collection as I tend to do.  So without further adieu, here's the best of that stuff!

The first two cards I'll show off are actually returning to my collection.  I had them and sold them on Blowout a while back when I felt like I needed a little extra cash.  It's very good to have them back.

Card #1 is the Mike Jones auto from 2000 Finest Moments.  It's a beautiful on-card auto, capturing one of the best Super Bowl plays of all time, from one of the best sets of all time.  Just check out how sharp this is:
I actually like this auto better than the auto on the version I had before, so this is somewhat of an upgrade.  But dang - what a card.  Some day I hope to grab the homerun throwback card in this set as well.  I think the 1999 NFL playoffs did a lot to cement me as an NFL fan for a lifetime.

The other returning card was a Jose Cortez NFL Showdown card.  It's the only card (other than a custom that Condition: Poor made) that he ever had and it's pretty awesome:
When I got rid of it before, I think it sold for like $10.  And this time I grabbed it for $3.50 - so that was cool.  But hopefully I'm keeping this one around for a while.

That should be ESPECIALLY easy if I eventually decide to collect the 2002 and 2003 NFL Showdown sets.  I grabbed one other card from each set in this lot.  Like this Jake Schifino from 2003 Showdown:
Schifino graduated from Akron, which is a cool connection, but I mostly know him as a Madden '04 guy.  He's typically my slot guy given his great speed.  He also was very, VERY briefly a Patriot.  So that's a cool connection too.   After picking up the Schifino and remembering the Patriots connection, I grabbed the only Patriot card I know of of a Madden '04 brief Patriot too in Doug Gabriel.  It's not from NFL Showdown - but it relates to here's that cool card:
Similar guy to Schifino - great speed, decent returner, not the best otherwise.  Gabriel's career went on a little longer than Schifino's, mostly with the Raiders.

The other NFL Showdown card was Nate Wayne from 2002 - I was always a big fan of his play during the early 00's, and actually grabbed a few of his cards:
I really like the Fleer Tradition card I grabbed - it breaks down his stats by yardage, which is kinda cool:
And then I picked up a nice auto from Topps when Wayne moves to the Eagles:
He lost a lot of thunder at that point, but I think he has a nice auto and it was nice to add one to my collection, especially given how nice this card looks for a sticker auto.

Speaking of autos, I added one other one in this pickup - Fozzy Whitaker.  I watched him quite a bit when he was with the Browns.  He's in Carolina now and gets decent playing time:
Amazing name, but I also like his scrappy style of play.

One of my favorite cards from the whole lot is this SWEET three color jersey patch of Shaun King.  I found it in my regular style of searching through plain color jerseys until I found an amazing one on the cheap:
Shaun King was the man.  Really, in those early 00's, I loved the Packers-Bucs mini-rivalry in night games.  They had a few real good ones, and that explains why I liked Wayne and King and why I one day need to get a Samkon Gado auto.  Maybe Ahman Green as well.

No more hits in this post - just some cool rookies and inserts and stuff.  I grabbed a few newer Chrome rookie cards that I really like - first Andre Ellington:
Also a Mike Glennon, who seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth:
And a Tre Mason, who doesn't do much for the Rams these days but DAMN this is a crisp looking throwback card:

I also grabbed a non-chrome RC of Austin Davis - this card was a hot seller a few years back when he first became the Rams QB and it was the only card of his available:
Now he's a Browns backup - so it goes.

Speaking of Browns backups - Henry Burris never was one in real life, but he is in Madden 2004 on my teams:
He actually had an awesome CFL career, but his NFL one was so short lived.  And I love the crispness of this design. This is a really well designed card.

And so it goes for the random football cards.  In a few days I'll showcase the random baseball and basketball stuff.  It's just a few cards (three), but I think it's a fairly epic three so that's cool!

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