Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lonestarr hooks me up with some long-time-coming customs!

I don't know how many of you read the blog Life and Baseball Cards, but I always thought it was a pretty sweet blog.  The blogger was one of those guys who was less baseball focused when it felt like every blog was crazy baseball focused, so we got alone well.  Recently he moved from blogger to tumblr and as such is a little less in our world, but before he did that he finished up some customs he owed me from long ago.  Here they are in all their excellence!

The first custom, which is dated from 2011, was originally meant for a collection of mine - my cup collection.  It's a close up sketch of a Gatorade cup with a cooler and Gatorade bottle in the background and some foreground sunflower seeds.  It's...amazing:
Even though the cup collection is long since gone, this sketch is simply amazing.  It'll hold a firm spot in my PC for a long time coming.

The second expired PC sketch is of the guy who largely got me into player collections in the first place - The Crime Dog Fred McGriff:
This is a pretty epic sketch and I love the 1/1 designation.  It's also dated 2010, which is really neat  -goes to show that even five years later, blogger connections run deep!

The last custom is definitely the best of all.  Finished in 2015, and tagged 2015, it's an awesome Seneca Wallace custom Browns cards:
This whole custom really impresses me, and it's easily one of my favorite Seneca Wallace customs.  I think the hands and football might stick out to me the most - check out that detail!  It's very impressive.

Lonestarr really surprised me with some PC needs as well.  He sent a pair of Billy Hamiltons that I needed, both slight variations from the same subset:
Billy has one or two other cards in this set, and I can't wait to grab those other ones!

Then Lonestarr finished the package off with some random great name goodness and some other former PC dudes.  My 2nd favorite name was Randor Bierd...he sent a base, Chrome, and X-Fractor of his that were all very cool:
Randor Bierg will DEFINITELY be nominated for the GSNHOF eventually.

Number one name though - that'd be Levale Speigner.  What kind of a name is that?
Literally never heard of this guy, let alone heard of Levale as a first name.  So this was a very cool get.

As for former PC guys, Lonestarr sent a Cribbs, who I may one day collect again:
And a Lue (with whom I may do the same):
Just can't quit those two guys.

And the package finished with pure randomness.  First another great name, appropriate for the blog:

And then a totally random card, which someday may end up stuck on a binder:
Thanks for the awesome customs (and other cards) Lonestarr!  I appreciate 'em!


  1. Those sketch cards are awesome! Doesn't it kinda make you want to bring back your cup pc?

    1. Totally does! This post made me wanna bring back that, and McGriff, and Lue, and Cribbs, and a few others. But I can't collect ALL THE PLAYERS!

  2. Glad you liked everything, and sorry again that it took so long. The Tumblr experiment is also over. I'm back on Wordpress here: https://twitchcollectscards.wordpress.com