Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another COMC 100 - The Last of Everything (aka all the non-Stith Football cards)

Well here it is - the end of an era (until my next shipment at least).  I've got a few other PC gets to show off, one of the best of which is definitely this Priest Holmes Hot Hands die cut:
This has to be one of the coolest die cut sets of all time.  Fleer Showcase originally did a Hot Hands insert in 1997 (which Retro then redid in 2013), and it was okay, and a follow up jersey set in 2003 was similarly meh.  But they really turned it on for 2004, and these cards pop like crazy.  They also make for pretty nice jersey cards, which are all low #'d and many are nice patches.  I hope Priest has a jersey in the set though I've never looked before so I honestly have no idea.

I also grabbed a few "Proof" parallels of Priest:
It's always so strange to me that proofs these days are viewed in such a negative light whereas back in the day they were oddballs or variations and carried a premium.  I'll take a /25 PC card for under $1 any day though, premiums be damned.

Here's a few more Priests I grabbed - obviously I love the Ravens one but you can't beat a nice Xfractor either!

My J.R. Redmond PC is really lacking, so I decided to grab this nice Greats of the Game card of his:
I know he's got a few cards shipping in my next COMC shipment, so this is a PC that will get some much needed work in the next few months.

Buried several cards in, this Corey Alston get is huge for my collection.  It actually made me recount my collection, as I had counted a card twice so he only has 15 cards total:
With this Impressions /117, I'm now just missing the Premiere Date parallel and the Shadows parallel.  I think Burbank has both, so finishing off my first ever player PC may just be a question of visiting the Beckett Marketplace - which is awesome!   I wonder what I could do with the collection after that - feels framable or something especially at a nice round 15 cards.

I grabbed a few Deion Branch cards in this lot, but the weirdest one is this dual with Donald Hayes:
The jersey belongs to Hayes, not Branch.  But I always thought this was such a weird way to get rid of less desirable jersey pieces in the early days.  Pair a meh guy with an up and comer or star, and have the jersey be the former.  I guess people like me buy them for the latter, so it worked!

As for Hayes, he was a 4th round pick of the Panthers in 1998.  He hung around there until 2001, then spent one year in New England to finish his playing days.  His 2000 stats of 66 catches for 926 yards was actually pretty nice, but he never came close to that again.  To the guy's credit though, he did make the free agency list for Madden 2004.

For whatever reason, people won't come down on Lamont Brightful cards.  I make an offer, and they counter real high or reject.  Go figure.

Anyways, I grabbed these two:
The left is a true jersey edition cards, #'d /45.  The right is /50.  I love seeing Brightful listed as a wide receiver, since he's known as a cornerback in Madden 2004.  He's really a kick/punt returner who the team then tried to fit wherever they could.  Sadly, Brightful was never a good enough returner at the NFL level to stick around too long.

A similar guy to Brightful is B.J. Daniels.  He was such an athlete in college at QB, so NFL teams have been trying to fit him wherever they can.  Here's a card /49 of his:
Daniels was actually cut by the Seahawks back in October, but on November 24th he was added back to the active roster.  He's somewhat of a fan favorite as a 53rd roster guy and he made his first reception this year (in a game I was watching - NICE!) so I hope he continues to stick around.

And one more hybrid QB turned whatever for ya'll - here's a few nice Woody Dantzler cards:
I like that three of these cards say running back and the fourth says quarterback.  This dude is a free safety in Madden 2004, so again, it was really just all about his athleticism more than a given position.

I love the Crown cards above especially, with the one numbered /99 on the front being a personal fave.

Crown cards forever!
This Thad Lewis one is /100.  I also grabbed the /25 Gold (it's actually 25/25 so that's really neat) on COMC so that's coming soon.

And speaking of Thad Lewis, how about that Eagles Thanksgiving Day game?  The Iggles were getting destroyed, and with Sam Bradford hurt the backup QB was Thad.  Everyone on Twitter was asking the Eagles to put Lewis in as early as halftime, but Chip Kelly let Mark Sanchez play out the string.  So sad - I was really hoping to see Thad get some more game action after doing so decently with the Bills last year.

Final two cards of the package - and one's a doozy.  Two nice parallels of Mohamed Massaquoi:
The die cut /50 Icons RC on the left if cool, but the Souvenir Stamps auto/jersey #'d /5 definitely takes the cake.  The insert is a little weird - Massaquoi signed it so low that it goes underneath the rest of the card.  AND the jersey is weird - it's slightly non-square, and kinda just thrown on there.  But all together, this thing works for me despite it's weirdness.  And hey, remember when stamps were 28 cents (LOLOLOLOL)?

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