Monday, November 30, 2015

Another COMC 100 - Shyrone Stith!

Seneca Wallace is my main PC.  But Shryone is quickly becoming my #2 PC.  I'm right around 70% of his total collection, which is pretty dang good for a second collection guy.  And this COMC purchase helped a lot - here are my faves!

This first Ionix card may be a top 5 fave.   I know the 90's-early 00's computer backgrounds isn't everyone's favorite, but I love this crap.  And it's numbered: this card.

I also grabbed his Black Diamond card from upper Deck:
There's a ton going on here - and I still like it.  But it almost looks airbrushed which is interesting.

Got a little Pacific Revolution.  It's textured here, which you can kind of see in the scan:

And I grabbed his Fleer Metal Emerald card.  I LOVE the colors on this thing:
The slight color layers - they're just perfect.  This is a really understated, amazing card.

I got a Pacific card here as well.  I like when they're serial #'d on the front like this:

And I grabbed a die cut auto from Sage Hit.  My only auto from this lot, and these are so hard to see in scans, but they look great in person:

Final couple of cards.  First the base Donruss, which is numbered, and features a rather intense Stith:

Then a nice Invincible Blue.  It's /350, and the colors here are glorious:

And last but not least, some Paramount Purple,  This card is awesome.  I have a few of the other parallels too, but this one is all purple-y which is a favorite color of mine:
Looks great, right?  I wish that purple was a parallel color more often, as this looks so great.


  1. For a guy who wasn't around for very long, he sure does have some nice cards! I too am partial to that Y2K-era "futuristic" computer-y crap - it's adorable how futuristic we thought we were, in retrospect.

    1. I agree, lots of cool color and variation! Both in Stith's cards and in that futuristic computer-y crap lol.