Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bob Walk sends me a HOF trade package!

My trade bait post a little while back started a trade brewing between me and Bob Walk the Plank.  The trade idea was good and bad - good because I love new trade partners, but bad because it reminded me that I still have yet to nominate Bob Walk for my HOF (womp womp womp)

That day will come, but despite that major oversight, BWTP was nice enough to send a few pieces of excellent cardboard my way.  The best being this big ol' slab of bat of HOF record holder Ken Griffey Jr.:
I've always liked this set, as I used to own the Fred McGriff back when I collected him.  The colors go really well, and it provides a nice big photo of the player swinging on the left.  Plus it's Griffey.  So that's never bad at all.

BWTP sent one other card, with a note saying that he "hoped it would be considered a patch for my patch collection."  I would say...heck yes!
It's a nice two color patch of Roy Oswalt, and it almost looks logo-ish (though it's probably a name plate or something) so it definitely fits my collection.  Getting this card made me think about the Oswalt kind of pitchers out there - who are big for their generation, but not at that Maddux/Koufax level (or even like Javier Vazquez level) to garner a lot of HOF attention.  Some of Oswalt's Baseball Reference comps include Bret Saberhagen, Justin Verlander, Cliff Lee, Chris Carpenter, Tim Hudson, Schoolboy Rowe, and John Candelaria.  All pretty good pitchers, many aces of their teams, and well remembered by their generation, but not likely to be remembered forever.  In 20 years if I talk about this card 25 year olds of that day will be like "Who the heck is Roy Oswalt?"  And that's kind of weird to think about.

Anyways, he also finished his career with the Rockies.  Which is random/cool.  Too bad he doesn't have a Rockies relic to match this one!

Anyways, thanks for the awesome relics BWTP!


  1. Wow. Those are two sweet cards. Matthew is definitely a hall of fame trader/blogger in my book.

  2. Glad you liked them. I wanted to make sure I sent you one cool patch. Oswalt was probably a little underrated when he played.