Saturday, January 30, 2016

Highlights of COMC Randoms, including Terrell Davis' shoe and Variations on the Music City Miracle

So I got an XBox One for Christmas, and much of the time I spent blogging or talking about cards has poured into that.  Be it Fifa 16 or Gears of War (or Peggle, or Assassin's Creed), I've just spent a lot less time on card sites.  Time is a scarce resource and all that.

Anyways, today I took a slight break from gaming to finally scan and post some of the cards I grabbed in my most recent COMC run.  There's a lot of good ones, and as always I'll show off the Non-PC stuff first.  So here goes!

The first card is so totally random, but features an NFL great RB in a very cool way.  It's also now the oldest patch card in my collection.  I give you - Terrell Davis' game worn shoe:
This card is so cool for so many reasons.  The shoe piece is two colors, and really pops.  It's rare - only 135 copies made.  It's actually game worn, and has a picture on the back of the shoe like Donruss/Playoff used to do.  And it's Terrell freakin' Davis, who was such a boss back in the day at RB.  Love this card, and it's worth every penny of COMC credit I spent on it, however much that was many months ago.

The next card I grabbed doubles of, but it's because technically the cards are very different.  Check 'em out:
Before Mike Jones tackled Kevin Dyson on the one yard line to win the 1999 Super Bowl, the Titans had some magic go in their favor with the Music City Miracle.  Frank Wycheck got hold of a kick return, threw a crossfield overhand lateral to Dyson, and Dyson scored, allowing the Titans to advance.
It's one of the coolest plays I've ever personally witnessed, and knew I had to have one of these cards when I realized it existed.  And then when I saw there are versions signed by Dyson and versions signed by Wycheck, I had to have both.  So now I do!

These next two cards are each the second patch card of their set in my collection.  Aaron Sele's Mariners patch comes from the same set as my Greg Maddux one:
And Duce Staley's patch comes from the same set as my Shaun King one: 
These both are awesome relic sets, so I need to see who else I can nab off the set list.

When Michael Sam first came out (both in the draft and as a homosexual), I was tempted to start a PC.  I never did, but now his cards are crazy cheap so I built a little trifecta.  First a patch card and an autograph:
And then two base rookies - one for each team he was on for good measure:

I also grabbed a Cleo Lemon #'d RC:
Obviously my love for Lemon comes from my love for scrappy/crappy backup QBs, as I was a big fan of what Lemon did for the Dolphins in his brief moment in the Sun back in 2007:

One nice way to get cheap low-numbered cards of random guys is to chase Leaf Rookies and Stars parallels.  It's kind of like Score parallels today where there were so many that they lost their value.  Like this Keyaron Fox RC /25, a guy who I always used in late 00's Madden, was less than $1:
And this Rashean Mathis RC /50, he of many 2004 Madden teams and who is still playing for the Lions today, was similarly cheap:

The final card of this package, and one that was long overdue, is a Chris Ogbonnaya RC autograph /699 from Bowman Sterling:
This is one of the few cases where a sticker auto works well, and I'd long been considering an Ogbonnaya auto due to his past days as a Browns RB.  He played RB during some dark days in Cleveland (though aren't they all dark?), but was always able to provide cool memories like the one below:

That'll do 'er for the randoms.  PC posts will come eventually, and will include tons of Shyrone Stith progress, lots of Crowns, and a NEW SENECA WALLACE PICKuP!  WOOHOO!


  1. That Wycheck play was insane - almost as insane as a cleat relic. Nice haul!

  2. Great seeing that Wycheck play again. Got a little sad when they showed McNair on the sidelines.

    1. Man, too true. Such a sad ending to McNair's story.