Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sage Player Proof - The reason I need those Nebraska cards, and an Ebay pickup to show it all off

So Sage Player Proofs are weird.  But I need two for Seneca Wallace, one auto and one relic, and so when a dude messaged me on Blowout two weeks ago I tried all I could to get one.  He wasn't satisfied outside of a trade, and so I put out my Nebraska player all call (really just rare Eric Crouch, Tommie Frazier, or Scott Frost cards in college jerseys).  And then decided to look for cheapish Proofs to possibly build up an army of them to trade in a sort of 500 cards for one scenario (we'll call that option C).

So these not hold a premium.  If you look on COMC, you can find one such Jason Campbell card, /20 and with 3 colors, for $28.25.  Sage in general, often due to the college uniforms and sticker autos, rarely holds a premium.  But I always think they're cool, so I've had a little fun looking for cheap Proofs as I build up that army.  Right now I just have one, but it was less than $5, and it's a guy I use sometimes in Madden 2004, so the card was right up my alley.

Anyways, here's Teyo Johnson's Sage Player Proof Auto #'d 1/20:
Simple design for Sage, big garish sticker as usual.  As for Johnson, he was a super fast, cheap, rookie TE in Madden 2004.  So he often was a starter from year one who turned into a legend.  Never a bad thing.

But I posted this for the weirdness of Player Proof - so here's the back:
See that write up?  That's the weird thing.  20 copies were made, with ten going to Teyo Johnsom himself and ten going into packs.  That's what makes these cards so weird - they're basically serial numbered out of ten, with a few more available depending on which aunts, uncles, grandmas, and nieces resold the Proof they were given by Teyo Johnson.  So there's a chance this card was pack pulled, but there's also a chance that Teyo Johnson gave this to his favorite college professor who then lost it by accident when moving to a new state and had it subsequently sold on Ebay by the new homeowner's precocious 14 year old son.  You never know.

However it came to me, it really shows how badly I need some Nebraska cards to trade this guy, since Seneca's proofs are really /10s with some weird extra cards hanging around in the collection of family members.


  1. What does the guy want in a 500 for 1 trade? If it's not too rare maybe I can help...

    1. It's these Proofs. So sadly you can't, but I appreciate the offer!