Monday, February 15, 2016

In honor of President's Day, 44 other cards I got in my most recent COMC foray

(Just kidding, it's actually less than 30 cards - I just wanted to get the last of the COMC stuff out of the way so I could post a few trades I've gotten in recent weeks).

The best card of the bunch, and one I initially skipped over 2-3 times before realizing it was a need, is my newest Seneca Wallace card.  It's an Honor Roll Gold parallel, #'d 22/25, and I LOVE IT:
I was so convinced I already had this, but my wantlist said I didn't and my binder also said I didn't, so I'm glad I have things organized enough to tell me such things.  It's a real well put together card and I love the numbering on the front as always.  And it's one card closer to Seneca dominance, so that's pretty cool!

Getting another Seneca inspired me to make a big dent in my other major PC, Shyrone Stith.  I already showed off two Crowns a few days ago, but here's a bunch of the rest of the stuff I grabbed.

These first two are a /25 auto and /50 preview:

Then a /100 patch I already own (but why not grab another when it's his only jersey card, right) as well as an on-card Pacific auto:

Another nice on-card auto from Rookies and Stars and a Skybox parallel (I think - the numbering and use of images in this Skybox set are weird):

And then a nice little Supreme parallel to round things out:

As is typical in these COMC posts, I always grab a few cards of the 49ers turned Browns turned whatever QBs, Jarrett Brown and Thaddeus Lewis.  So here's two autos of the former and an auto and parallel of the latter:

And I always like to toss in Massaquoi with those guys, so here's a low numbered parallel of his (I believe /99 or /100).  I like the rays coming out from the center, especially with that bronzy color:

I also tend to grab a lot of Mike James in these packages.  The Chirography autograph #'d 25/25 is definitely my best Mike James card now, but the dual jersey with James and Kevin Garnett  /49 is pretty beastly in its own right:

And finishing off football, I decided to finally put a small dent in my Woody Dantzler needs.  I almost never pick his cards up because they tend to be a little bit more expensive than most of the rest of my guys - but the price was right on these.  I always love cards of free agents like the one on the left, and college jerseys are great too!

Moving on to baseball - I picked up a plate!  It's Brayan Peña during his Royals days, and I really like how this Topps' year looks on a plate:

I picked up a few Dedunos too, including my first chrome blue /150.  It was something like $20 on the site for a while, but the seller finally got reasonable and so I grabbed it in addition to the /500 non-chrome blue:

Getting into baseball reminded me about Billy Hamilton, and I LOVE the three cards I grabbed of his.  The gold parallel is my first first year card of his, and the mini is low numbered (I think /100).  And then the Ginter parallel is stained with something, which always adds something a little nice:

And then a few one offs for smaller PCs - A Shin-Soo Choo green and a low numbered Jose Lopez that he shares with Raul Ibañez:
 And so (finally) ends another great COMC purchase.  I can't wait til the next one!

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