Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charlie Work

I don't know how much any of you watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," but the wife and I are pretty dang into it.  After one watch through I had a few favorite episodes and thought a lot were meh, but then my wife got me all jazzed up about it and I joined a Reddit community about it and now I'm constantly talking about jabronis and how thundergun things are.  It's hella cool.

Anyway, when I recently got a package from Charley aka Lonestarr aka Twitch, my first thought (well 2nd after "Man it was nice of him to think of me" was Charlie Work.  Because, you see, I'm obsessed with Always Sunny, and Charley has started sending signed custom cards in his packages.  Like this one: 
Love the idea - I'm tempted to do something similar myself in packages but I think it'd be a stick figure shouting "SENECA WALLACE" or something.  Which come to think of it - maybe I should do that!  Lol.

Anyways, Twitch sent some cards too.  First a fearsome foursome of Shin-Soo Choo cards that were new to me:
My favorite, as always, is the Reds one, especially since it's an update parallel of the Indians card next to it.

I always forget that Choo came to the Reds in a trade - they also got Jason Donald while sending Drew Stubbs to the Indians and Didi Gregorius to the Diamondbacks (The Indians also got Trevor Bauer, Bryan Shaw, and Matt Albers from the DBacks while the Indians sent Lars Anderson and Tony Sipp to the DBacks).  While the Indians are still getting returns from Bauer and Shaw and seem to be winners to the trade, it actually wasn't a terrible trade for the Reds even though they only got Choo for one year.  And it's especially nice compared to a lot of the recent Reds' trades.  It just seems like the team has a reaaaalllly hard time getting sufficient value for their pieces in the trade market, which is a shame.

I also got this cool Choo manu-relic - it's an Indians C:
I wonder if they ever did any Chief Wahoo manupatches.  I know this relic goes to a specific team in time, but the Wahoo thing still makes me curious.

No trade would be complete without a nice Ken Griffey Jr. card - this one a Gypsy Queen mini:
Gotta love The Kid.  So glad I finally decided to collect him again.

And last but not least...the new kid!
Okay, he's never going to touch ANY of Griffey's career stat totals given his on-base ineptitude.  But I unapologetically love Billy Hamilton, and think these two cards make great additions to my growing BH collection.  So thanks Charley for all the awesome cards!


  1. I've talked to several people who love that show. I tried to get into it, but didn't even finish the first episode. Maybe I need to give it another chance.

    1. It's one of those shows that, and this is the king of cliches, you either love or you don't. I liked it on my first watch through and LOVE it now. You might like it someday, you might not...but I hope you do because it's really good even though they're terrible people.

      My wife calls it our generation's Seinfeld. A show about nothing...but they're even worse people and it's a lot more messed up. Both good.