Thursday, March 3, 2016

First Quads card from Fuji - #9 Browns Quad

So I said that Fuji sent me some amazing cards - and he really did.  The best two were definitely cards to help my Heads up Quads collection - the best of which might've been this Browns card, since I love them so much.  LET'S GET TO IT!

The front:
First up is Jajuan Dawson, a Madden 2004 free agent who I basically always signed due to his Browns/Texans legacy (me and my little brother love those teams).  He only started 4 games in 3 seasons, but caught 52 passes for 664 yards and 2 touchdowns in that time as well.  So, not a lot of success, but not the worst.  He also, sadly, died in 2015 in a drowning accident.  It was the day before my birthday, and I respected Jajuan more than your average Madden 2004 free agent, so I actually got a little sad.  So there's that.

Next we have Tim Couch, who really needs no introduction or explanation I guess.  His five seasons in Cleveland go down in infamy, and whether you think it was the offensive line's fault or not, you have to admit his career was not great.  What's cool is he holds the NFL record for most hail marys of +50 yards for touchdowns with 0 seconds on the clock.  One was to Quincy Morgan, and the other was my favorite, in his rookie season, to Kevin Johnson.  It was really amazing.

Okay that wasn't it...but yay Browns!

The back:
Hey, it's Kevin Johnson!  He was born the day AFTER my birthday (whoa this is a weird card), and caught that aforementioned hail mary.  I have loved him since that day, so I'm hugely biased towards that guy.  He had 4.5 seasons in Cleveland, plus .5 in Jacsonville and one each in Baltimore and Detroit.  384 lifetime catches to his name and 25 touchdowns, which ain't too bad.  Also his Wikipedia made me realize that his Browns coach's full name was Paul Hilton "Butch" Davis...which is funny.

Finally we have Jamel White, who spent 4 years in Cleveland from 2000 to 2003 before bouncing from Baltimore to Tennessee to Baltimore.  His most yards in a season was 470, with a 4.4 average, but he never averaged over 4 ypc in a full season otherwise.  11 total touchdowns was nice - but White never really amounted to anything more than a complementary back in his NFL career.

So who wins the card? I'm going with Kevin Johnson.  Tim Couch is a lot better than people remember, but Johnson was his #1 WR and was able to keep a little bit of an active playing career AFTER the Browns, which is more than Couch and his bench duty can claim.  So Johnson nudges them out.


  1. Great card! I think that I managed to find one last September, and mine also has a white uniform for Jamel White.

    1. Ahhh cool! The Browns are one of those harder teams to find patches for, especially closer to their return when patches were less common. So the differences in color are cool enough for me!

  2. I actually collected Kevin Johnson back in the day. At one point, I had probably 100 of his rookie cards and several of his autographs. The rookie cards are long gone... but if I have any of those autographs left... I'll sent them your way.