Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chronicles of a lost trade package

Fuji and I have traded a decent amount over the years.  But in the past few, things have slowed, mainly due to me being pretty inconsistent about my blogosphere presence.  Regardless, when I sent him a random care package a little while ago, he decided to return the favor.  And he sent me an email informing me to keep my eyes open for a package, which was awesome!
So I kept my eyes open.  And then did a little more.  And a little more.  And finally, because I was tired of sleeping with my eyes open and not blinking EVER, I emailed Fuji indicating that I had yet to see said package.  No big deal...I was just checking in on it.  So he confirmed he had shipped it...and gave me the address...which was in Indiana.

Where I lived 3 addresses ago!


Not blaming Fuji at all...my own Excel file has out of date addresses in it too - so I've since corrected a few after seeing this.  But I decided I would do what I could to get the cards.  I called the front desk of my old residence - it was a college student apartment complex at Indiana university Bloomington that I stayed in from 2009-2010 - and they told me they'd check with the current residents and check back with me if anything turned up.  Nothing did, and I kind of just figured the cards were gone - it happens, no worries - but then a few weeks later a package from Fuji was in my mailbox.  He let me know that the cards were returned by the complex, so he resent them.  Which is AWESOME!  So kudos to Fuji, and kudos to my old apartment complex (they always were pretty cool).

He sent an autographed custom card, as always:
This will happily join Twitch's in my custom card collection.

He also sent two relics cards that you will see at a later time.  I won't say specifically what they are - except for that they feature four people each and typically get their own post.  So this time will be no different!  But suffice it to say...they're both really, REALLY awesome cards I needed.

And then finally, he sent a few Priest Holmes jersey cards.  I've since stopped formally collecting the Priest, but I kept a few Ravens cards around, so this left jersey will definitely stay:
The one on the right - well let's be honest, that'll probably stay too!

Thanks for resending Fuji!  I love when something works out lol.

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