Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Great COMC Post #2 - Parallels

Parallels can be really cool.  Here's a few series I grabbed on my most recent COMC run.

First a bunch of Bowman Brightfuls:
The best card is the chrome gold /50 in the middle.  It's weird seeing Brightful listed as a WR though, because he wasn't really a WR in the NFL.

Some Rookie and Stars parallels:
Love the darkening of the red for the Longevity version.  Even if Brightful's career didn't really have any longevity to it...

I got a few Deion Branch jersey parallels too:
It's kind of weird he was ever a Seahawk.  It sort of fills like he was a Seahawk for half a season, though it was actually four and a third seasons.

Finally, Thad Lewis got in on the parallel fun a few times.  First with some Make Ready parallels /50:
I guess these are supposedly some of the first test runs with each plate.  I think they look pretty neat.

I also grabbed his Gridiron Gear base, along with the /250 X's and O's versions:
There are a stupid amount of parallels in this subset.  And yes they exist for both the Xs and the Os.

And finally, auto parallels:
The top red one is more rare than the base - the bottom silver one is more rare than the red.  And I have a gold tinted one too that's even rarer!

I love looking at the subtle differences between parallels.  Next up - the final post of some football PC goodness!

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