Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Great COMC Post #3 - The Other Cool Football PC Stuff

So I grabbed a TON of football PC stuff this time around.  Rather than bore you with 15 posts on all the different players, I figured I'd put it all in one cool post.  Here goes.

First, I bumped up my Deion Branch collection a lot.  I especially tried to grab relics - and I think I did pretty well.
Dude has so many Seahawks relics, but that's all good.  None of the above were patchy at all, but it added some nice umph to my collection anyway, and I really like the Pristine Pats jersey swatch!

I grabbed a few more low numbered Lamont Brightful cards.  These specific two both suffer from same picture:

I like how they changed the field colors for each shot - the left one almost looks like a bad space movie with the purplish blue thrown in as well.

I grabbed some Woody Dantzlers too - the card on the right is a sample:
The card on the left is from Pacific Adrenaline, which I love.  I have a Seneca Wallace in the works if it ever gets physically made!

I grabbed a bunch of Gay cards too (No Homo).  I honestly hate when my 7th graders say No Homo...but I do love me some Ben Gay:

This Preferred card is easily one of the coolest cards I own now.  The colors just go so well:

Also I used to own the Fleer ultra card on the right.  A rare case of a Mooss rebuy after the fact.

My Thad Lewis collection also got a big boost.  I especially like the textured Silver Sage Hit card on the right here:

And the auto is nothing to shake a stick at!

My biggest PC gain was J.R. Redmond though.  I grabbed like 20 base, inserts, and parallels, and these are some of my faves:

The one on the left is /10:

And it wouldn't be an epic COMC buy without some major PC needs.  2nd biggest PC Shyrone Stith got three cards added, including this Limited Series Crown card /144:

I think these were my two favorite though.  The left card is a Prestige Red /100. The right is a Quantum Leaf Infinity Green /75:
Both awesome parallels, and I can't wait to hopefully show off the Infinity Purple /15 someday soon!

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