Saturday, August 5, 2017

Buy my stuff so I can buy Seneca Wallaces!

Edit: Billy Hamilton PC and Vlad patch are gone!  Off to a good start!
Edit #2: Sold a few patches on Blowout too!  And the wheels are a movin'...
Edit #3: And a few more patches!  For the day I think I added $38 to the Seneca pile, which ain't too shabby!
Edit #4: Sold a few more cards, up to $53!
Edit #5: A few more patches, now up over $60!

So I've mentioned before that there was this one big spender Seneca Wallace guy, always kind of hanging out in the background.  We didn't compete a lot because he typically just stays high end, but he has nine cards I need, with the highest #/d to just 25.  So I keep tabs on him a little.

Anyways, he emailed me the other day, asking if I wanted to grab a few of those nine.  We hadn't talked in like two years, so he seems motivated to sell.  But other than a little bit of COMC funds, I'm not rolling in the dough right now.

Which is where ya'll come in.

If there's anything I have listed in a PC that you'd like to purchase, comment here or email me at gsnhof at and we can work out a price.  There's some stuff I definitely won't sell (Senecas, Corey Alstons, customs, a few specific patch cards, probably my Shyrone Stiths), but feel free to name anything/everything that appeals to you.  I'm not planning on making hundreds of dollars, but every $5-$10 might result in me beefing up my Seneca collection a bit, which would be AWESOME!

I also might list some random stuff around the house if anyone is interested in any of that.  It's all kind of random though, some DVD, VHS, records, maybe some Corinthian Headliners...if I do post stuff it'll be kind of a grab bag lol.

Anyways, hit me up!


  1. Hmm.. Selling your Billy Hamilton PC?

    1. Yup, definitely selling that one.

    2. Oh except the bobblehead. My wife loves it lol.

  2. Best of luck on grabbing those 9 Senecas. I'd love to help... but I really need to watch my spending after buying several HUGE cards back in early June.

    1. I don't blame ya at all! I'm doing pretty well through Blowout though, so I think it'll be productive in the end.