Monday, August 7, 2017

A serendipitous Seneca, a slew of Stiths, and some sweet stitches

Alliteration baby, I'm all about it!

Now I recently mentioned that I'm selling almost all my PC stuff to support a big Seneca Wallace purchase, and that's still going on (Buy all the things!  ALL OF THEM!).  But I recently came across a pretty nifty Seneca card which, when paired with some taunting from a buddy on Blowout, got me to finally scan a few cards.  So I decided to show them off!

When I began this mega purchase idea, I needed ten cards from the guy.  But like two days after we talked, someone posted one of those ten cards on Ebay for sale with a really cheap BIN.  I mean I haven't seen a new Seneca online in like a year, so how crazy is that?

Anyways, I hit that BIN in an instant, and today the ultra platinum /100 is back in my hands.  It's 50/100 too, which is kind of neat:
Definitely a huge get for my Seneca collection, and some awesome timing too.

As I sell off pieces and parts of my pc (Again with the alliteration!), I'm realizing that the patches tend to sell the best, since so many of them are spectacular.  So I decided to finally scan all my outstanding (meant both ways) patches in case anyone wants to buy one or two.  I haven't decided if they're all for sale yet, because a few are just way too cool.

Of the seven, the Szczerbiak is a personal favorite, and I doubt I'd sell that one.  As usual, most of these card were the result of me browsing through a well known patch set on COMC and digging to see if any patches were "hidden" behind the main card the site shows.  Szczerbiak and Manny Ramirez were definitely instances of that.  Dewon Brazelton is just an instance of me being unable to ever fully quit obtaining Dewon Brazelton cards, even after selling my PC to The Collective Troll a long time ago.

Finally, one PC that I'm definitely not selling, unless someone gives me like a million dollars for it, is my Shyrone Stith collection.  While a lot of collections on this blog besides Seneca are fluid, Stith is kind of the 1B to Seneca's 1A of weird guys I liked because of Madden 04.  It helps that they have a similar number of cards and that I was able to get up to 80% of Stith's master set in a jiffy thanks to COMC funds and some cheapies being listed on Ebay.  I now have a guy who periodically finds me rare Stiths and then sells them on COMC for $5, so that's where most of these final cards came from:

These are listed in descending print run order, with the final card being #'d 13/13, which is pretty freaking cool.  It's also shiny as hell, which is nice for any parallel.  Stith is quickly approaching Seneca Wallace status, aka no more cards I need online and so I'll need to find weird former Stith collectors to buy from.  So who knows, maybe in 2-3 years I'll sell off my future PCs for a run at one of his 1/1s or something.  Only time will tell I suppose!


  1. I remember Stith very well as a WVU alum. Glad you are finding some rare gems.

    1. Thanks man, the 13/13 looks amazing in person, he definitely has a lot of cool cards.

  2. Wow. Those are some sweet patches! Best of luck on turning them into Senecas.