Monday, August 28, 2017

Holy crap, I still needed that?

When you collect a guy to the extent that I have, you come across some cards that may have never happened.

Maybe a company was going under, or the guy didn't sign, or something...and so a card on the checklist never ends up existing at all. 

There have been a few times where someone said this was the case for a Seneca Wallace card.  Heck, there's a time where I messaged upper Deck about a card and they said it didn't exist.  Of course, it did, and I own it, but that's another story.

Anyways, when I was putting my newest Seneca cards in my binder, I realized I hadn't shifted my collection yet to cover the "non-existent" 03 Fleer Authentix Luxury Box Boosters card.  I decided, before moving cards, to make one last google search for it.

It was on Amazon for a little over $10.

It's mine now:
Totally stunned this even exists.

Lesson: Don't give up on a card, even when people tell you it was never made!

(Now, officially, every card I need has a print run of 55 or less).


  1. You're making some huge progress on your Wallace PC. Keep it up! I've never actually seen this set before. Very cool.

    1. It's pretty neat. The base (Well ticket, I don't think they're true base) cards have an insert part in them. Then these boosters can be broken up into the different inserts to go inside the card. Very cool stuff.