Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Full Seneca Haul

So it's been almost a week, and I still can't believe the LCM Black is mine!  But I figured I'd share some of the basics of the story, as well as pics of the rest of the cards, now that some time has passed.

I mentioned before that the seller contacted me this time around, looking to move his Seneca collection.  In the past I had been contacting him, and he had seemed reluctant, so this seemed promising.  That said, last time he talked we were looking at $450+ for the Mirror Black alone, so I was ready for this negotiation to potentially take a while.  

In the end though, seven of the nine cards were actually pretty easy to make prices for.  The toughest cards to price ended up being the Donruss Elite Status /15 
and the Rookies and Stars Longevity /10.  
I'd never seen them online other than his collection, and last time he was quoting $60+ for them.  But after coming up with prices for the other cards, we added on a compromised price for the two beauties above and the package was in the mail the next day.

Now that makes it sound simple, and it wasn't all that.  You could tell my initial offer seemed low to the seller, and he actually went looking for other Seneca PCs to sell too.  What was hilarious is that he found this blog and messaged me through my email here!  I just laughed it off though - I know they were his cards, and he was just trying to get the best deal that he could.  So that didn't hang up any of the negotiations.

Plus, we already knew that six of the cards would be mine.  I sold him those six before, remembered the prices, and he was fine getting that back.  So the LCM Emerald /5
Absolute Spectrum /25
 Secret Weapons Gold /15
  Gold Spotlight /25
Rookie O's /25
and Flags /25
were all very welcome returns to my collection where they once belonged.

The real cool thing was that the seller threw in a double too.  He didn't tell me, I just kept counting ten cards instead of nine and finally figured it out.  He said it would be nice in my collection or I could trade it/sell it someday.  It's another prep patch /25
And with that, we have the entire package he sent me.  Minus the LCM Black of course, which is so fantastic
So glad he and I could finally work out a deal!


  1. Lots of low serial numbered goodies in this purchase. Congratulations on these new additions to your Wallace PC>