Thursday, August 10, 2017

Selling update, with a few more of my recent scans

So I finally scanned all the cards I had sitting around.  YESSSSS!  Can I get a wasssssssup?
(Check the sides if you don't see it).

More importantly (right now) though, I'm up to a little over $60 in sales, so the Seneca fundraising is going well.  It's mostly patches through Blowout, though I'm only selling about 60% of my patches since I can't part with a few of the best ones.  But every little bit helps, so life is good!  And as usual, if you'd like to make an offer for something in my sidebar, go for it!  I haven't refused anything yet (Though also no one's asked for anything I don't want to part with yet).

Speaking of patches, I scanned a J.R. Redmond orange pylon piece but it scanned weird.  Check this out:
I did a double take after, and it's definitely still I'm not really sure how that happened on my scanner.  Go figure.

One last card for this post, I completely forget who sent this to me a while back, but it's an IP auto of Cliff Lee:
Cliff's peak was REAL short, but he was so dominant while it lasted, and as an Ohio resident I definitely have a fondness for his time with the Indians.  So this one's a fun card to add to the random autos portion of my binder, a place I'm finding I love a lot even if they don't always get a lot of fanfare on this blog.  Maybe I'll scan some pages someday.  Who knows?