Monday, June 29, 2020

Buy smarter than me! Also maybe buy from me?

We're on a roll with posts over here at the GSNHOF!  It won't last forever, especially since I'm waiting to send my (Family substantial at this point) COMC horde until things are a little less hectic for them.  But we'll have fun with these posts while they last!

(On a side note, speaking of COMC, I'm starting to sell there again - mainly doubles or cool patches.  Feel free to check out my stuff and make me an offer if you're interested in anything!)

One thing I finally got around to the other day was "setting up" my Shyrone Stith binder.  In general all of my cards go into binders (Other than a few really nice cards or extra fat cards in one touches), and my Seneca Wallace binder is ordered by card type and year.  I've got gaps for cards I still need too.  The end result looks super nice with all the variants across a certain set and lets me know how much progress I've made overall.

I hadn't done that for any of my other PCs yet - instead I just threw them into pages as I got them.  But with so much time on my hands lately as a teacher on Summer Break during COVID, I finally got around to making my Stith binder fancy as well.  And realized pretty quickly that I had some pretty common cards I still needed!

So off to EBay I went.  And found one.  Bought it.

Found another.  Bought it

Found a third.  Oh crap they're all from the same seller.  Who combines shipping over $30.  Whoops.

Long story short I did not get combined shipping even though I spend a little over $30, but they did ship all in one package.  It's definitely my fault for not buying smarter, but a nicer seller might've messaged me or offered a partial refund once they realized what was up.  But in the end, I've got a bunch of new I don't care too much.  Let's see the highlights!

A lot of the Stiths I still need are those Pacific Premiere Date ones where they stamp a certain number of the first run.  Like this Aurora here that is one of 85:

Or this Crown Royale that is /145:

My favorite of the Premiere Dates is this 2001 card out of /45 though.  I like that it specifically gives the date, and this also checks off my rarest card still needed from 2001 for Stith (Most of his cards are from 2000):

There were some more basic cards I was missing too though.  Like I never even realized that 2001 Invincible had a non jersey edition.  All of my other Stith variants have a little jersey piece where Stith's face is on this card:

I also grabbed a Donruss Elite card /2000.  My other versions of this are like /32 and stuff, and it's definitely goofy to get the least rare cards last, but I dig it!

The last less rare card I grabbed was this Rondell Mealey/Stith card /500.  Again, I have rarer versions of this card.  For some reason the more basic version just never made it into my collection.  Until now!

The piece de resistance of this pickup though is definitely the Quantum Leaf Infinity Red parallel.  I've realized more and more than I really like sets with different colored parallels that all go to low numbers.  Like I think of Seneca Wallace's 2003 Playoff Prestige which has a pretty common base but then Xtra Points Green and Purple variants that are both /25.  That's cool to me...rare color variants within a set.  So I LOVE this card:

Especially since it's numbered out of just /35.  Very cool card.
Also, if you do go to my COMC link above, you'll see a J.R. Redmond for sale from the exact same set.  I accidently bought both copies COMC has, and I only need one, so if you want to grab an Infinity Red for yourself of an obscure RB, make me an offer!


  1. Dang. It would have been cool had the eBay seller taken care of you. I've been in the same situation before and I'm not 100% sure... but I think some have given a partial shipping refund while others have kept it as a "tip".

    1. Yeah it definitely would have been cool. But at the end of the day I’ve got no one to blame but myself, so all’s well.