Monday, July 6, 2020

Thanks again Sportlots (Also, I kind of figured out how to scan again)!

So it's been fun getting back into my collections a little.  Just dabbling here and there, but nice to go back through the binders and search on sites to try and fill some collection holes.

The other day I decided to do this on Sportlots, a site I hadn't been on in FOREVER.  I love that site most for commons like the Deduno cup card, so I added every cheap version of the cup card from every seller on the site.  Every card was $0.20 or cheaper.

My final cost was like $120.  Yikes lol.

So obviously that's the tough part about Sportlots.  They have tons of copies of cards you might need, but shipping kills you if you actually try to buy them all.  So I looked for rareish cards I needed for other collections to see if there was any Deduno overlap.  There were some awesome cards to chase.  But no overlap, sadly.

So I ended up buying just one group of Dedunos...the cheapest group overall.  Then I also grabbed cards for my Dantzler, Gay, and Stith collections.  All but the Stiths are in this post.  One Stith hasn't arrived yet, the other was no longer available according to the seller who promptly refunded me.

The first PWE to arrive in my mailbox was the Dedunos.  I grabbed three of the base cards:
And then one chrome:
I love this weird little collection, and currently continue to house it in a 500 count box.  I can't wait until the day they no longer fit that box and I need to upgrade!

The next card was a very shiny Woody Dantzler refractor, /500:
I used to scan all my cards on a printer/scanner, but none of my laptops can still hook up to those.  So I was torn on how to scan images...but sort of figured it out!  It's a lot of steps though:
1. Scan card using notes app
2. Take a screenshot of that saved filed, and then trim the screenshot down a bit to fit so it's just the card on the screen
3. Save that image to my photos and then email myself that photo from my phone
4. Post from my laptop

There's probably an easier way...but for now that's what I'm doing!

Last but not least is the rarest card of the group...this SP Authentic Gold Ben Gay card 40/100:
Honestly when the Stith card was refunded because it didn't exist, I figured this Gay card was probably too good to be true as well.  So when it actually showed up I was definitely very psyched.  So be sure to check out Sportlots if you haven't in a while - you never know what gems might end up on that site! 


  1. My iMac is 7 years old... and I was debating on whether or not I wanted to replace it. Part of me figured, I wouldn't and just use my MacBook Pro. But you're right... then I wouldn't be able to use my scanner. Looks like I'll probably continue using a desktop computer as long as I'm blogging.

    1. Haha glad I posted them! No scanner is definitely tough.