Saturday, August 1, 2020

GSNHOF Nominee - Cynnamon Burns and Curry Burns (No relation)

The GSNHOF is finally back!  

I'm posting a twofer for today's comeback post.  Today's nominees include former volleyball player for American University of Washington D.C. - Cynnamon Burns and former NFL safety Curry Burns

Cynnamon Burns has a name that I wanted to post here for years, but just never got around to.  It took so long, in fact, that she finished college, got married, and is now technically Cynnamon Allen.  She's now maybe doing attorney stuff while coaching volleyball for her hometown squad, which feels like a pretty sweet outcome to me.  Well paying job and working for the organization that made you great at the sport you loved - that's pretty hard to beat.

As for her athletic career, it's actually kind of hard to find notes about Cynnamon's volleyball prowess, but I did find this one game where American beat Navy and she led American with 16 digs.  Which is good I guess?  I don't really know a lot about volleyball.

Curry Burns turned a great collegiate career at the University of Louisville into a 7th round draft selection by the Texans in 2003.  I'll actually have to check if he's one of the unnamed players in Madden 04, as I don't remember him being in the game otherwise.  He's probably most famous for being a half brother of Elvis Dumervil, but I'll mention his NFL career in the next paragraph because it's a few seasons long, which is pretty damn good!

Curry's rookie year resulted in one game played, the final game of the year, where he recorded a special teams tackle against the Colts.  The next year he was a New York Giant, and actually saw two starts at free safety in a weird safety mix that included Gibril Wilson, Terry Cousin, and Frank Walker.  That led to career highs for Curry with 23 tackles, an interception, a pass defended, and five special teams tackled.  Again, pretty damn good!

The Giants let him go though, but the Washington Football Team signed him as a practice squad player and he hung around there all of 2005.  He must've done something right, as he saw two games played in 2006 with Washington where he recorded the last tackle of his NFL career.  However, after the Bills released the magnificent Troy Vincent, Washington was interested, and Curry was an unfortunate roster casualty as a result.  Vincent immediately made an impact with a blocked kick in the waning moments of the "Hand of God" game and Curry sadly never saw action in a regular season game again.  His NFL career was still four years longer than mine though, so I'm impressed!

Welcome back to the GSNHOF process, and I wish the best of luck to both Cynnamon and Curry Burns in their quest to be remembered as one of the best sports names of all time.

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  1. Both names are cool. And this might be the first time I've seen Gibril Wilson's name pop up in a post. He attended the same high school as me.

    1. Whoa cool! Small world. Was he an alright dude? I know Lance Zawadski went to my high school and one of my buddies thought he was a POS but I had no real opinion.