Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Who gets your cards when you die?

So I'm a K-1 teacher who's going back to teaching in a few weeks.  I know there's a whole bunch of different opinions about how that will all go, but one of the biggest things I heard is that it's a good idea to create a will for myself. It''s a good thing to have as an adult who owns things regardless, but the uncertainty of the world kind of...sped up the process for me.

Today I was emailing back and forth with the lawyer who will be putting together my will (And my wife's), and had a pretty easy job with most of the questions.  The only one that really gave me pause was who would get my assets.  Of course my wife will get my house/car/etc.  But what about my collections?   Who gets my VHS?  Who gets my video games?

Where does my Seneca Wallace Collection go if I die?

I'm still undecided on where my cards will go, but I'm figuring it out.  Asking these questions though, and pondering them, made me wonder if ya'll knew where your cards would go if you died.  I know some of you have kids, which maybe makes it a little easier.  But maybe those kids don't collect, or don't follow that sport, or who knows what else.  I guess I'm just deep in my thoughts today.  So feel free to comment below if you want to go there with me.

As an additional note, I have some cards on COMC that are doubles that I definitely don't want to take with me, so I lowered them to stupid low prices as of this posting.  Feel free to check out my selling page to see if there's anything you want for your collection or if there's anything you'd like to buy to flip.  The site is a little static for now with the way everything is, but flipping can be a lot of fun on COMC, as I used to blog about all the time!


  1. Great question. I should probably sit down and write up a will myself. As for COMC... I just spent my last $4.99 on having my inventory shipped to me. Sad thing is... it won't ship until November.

    1. Yeah I’m just letting my COMC cards sit. It’s gonna be a while.