Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominees - A Bunch of Dicks

Dick Trickle was already mentioned, but there are actually quite a few famous Dicks in sports history. Rather than have every one be a separate post, I figured I'd group them here. Some of the better Dicks of sports include:

Johnny Dickshot - Played in the MLB from 1936 to 1945. Actually a pretty awesome guy...he nicknamed himself "Ugly" because he considered himself the ugliest man in baseball, and he also threw out the first pitch at New Comiskey Park.

Dick Pole - Played in the MLB from 1973-1978. Though his lifetime ERA was 5.05 and he once slept against an outfield fence after giving up a game winning homer, he's currently the Cincinatti Reds pitching coach. Interesting choice, Cincy.

Harry Dick
- Old time hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks. He only played 12 games, so he's lucky to have something to be remembered by I guess.

Dick Seaman - A British Grand Prix Driver from the 1930's who saluted Hitler from the podium and was a Nazi Hero as a result. He died after a crash in a race in 1939. Also, his being on this list negates the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame chances of the famous goalkeeper...because you can really only have one Seaman in the Hall.

Dick Butkus - I like to think people don't need an introduction to Butkus. I also like to say Butkus.

Pull Dickoff (Actually Paul Dikov, see here) - Soccer Player for the Premier team Leicester City, and owner of a very painful sounding name.

Think these names are good enough for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame? Take a look and see whose made it and who hasn't!

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