Sunday, May 2, 2010

Completed Collections: 1989 Topps Base Set

Welcome to my first version of Completed Collections, where I show off collections that I've completed! I plan on posting a few different sets of cards: The top 10 cards of the set, the best name in the bunch, and the last card I needed to finish the set. Figured it's a neat little way to finish off a set, and show off a little bit of what made me want to collect it in the first place!

1989 Topps Base Set (792 Cards): Completed 3/20/10!

To start things off, the ten best cards:

10. #343 Gary Sheffield
My first "value card," one of my first favorite players, and everybody loves the teeth! One of the most awkward portrait cards ever!

9. #784 Steve Avery
As a mid 90's Braves bandwagon fan, this card gets a lot of points. But I really love this card for the awesome toss shot balanced with the 18-years-old look (I guess he was actually 19) that Steve shows here. FYI: Mark Grace was also a rookie in this set...who knew?

8. #153 Jim Pankovits
Heh...heh. I know it's a normal shot, but it makes me chuckle. Dude was born in Pennington Gap, VA. Weird name for a town.

7. #231 Padres Leaders
Here's the first example of how epic the 1989 Team Leaders cards are. I'm generally not a fan of base card inserts (unless they're relic-y, auto-y, or serial #'d), and most of the 1989 inserts do little for me (examples: Record Breakers and All Stars). But the team leader cards are sweet, and depict some crazy nice plays. Look how intense that catcher is! I wonder if he was safe here...PATP care to check?

6. #19 Greg Gagne
This one's just a really, really nice baseball shot in my opinion. Great pose.

5. #426 Danny Gladden
I love this card because it makes me think of Nick Nolte in Rookie of the Year. My girlfriend thinks Gladden looks like Mickey Rouke in The Wrestler though. Opinions? Either way I love it.

4. #96 Rick Cerone
Rick Cerone working his bat is funny, but the best part? BACKGROUND LURKER ELLIS BURKS! This one's partly for GCRL...but Ellis Burks was the freaking man, both for the Sox and the Rox. So it's cool to see him in the background here.

3. #700 Don Mattingly
I's a Yankee, and he's in my top 5...what gives? But I think you'll admit that this is a really cool photograph of an intimate moment between a man and his bat. Epic shot, Yankee or not.

2. #29 Kelly Gruber
Another case of "do you see it?" Kelly's head turn and slight surprise makes me think Keanu Reeves. I know he looks nothing like Keanu, but I think this card captures Keanu circa Bill and Ted-Point Break. Again, agree or disagree? Regardless, it's one of my favorites.

1. Drumroll...

#21 White Sox Leaders!
One of the most epic play at the plate cards EVER. The catcher has the plate blocked. The White Sox guy is mid slide. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE STADIUM IS WATCHING! Is he safe?

I'm guessing yes, since he's like a foot from the base and the ball is right in the middle of the shot. But you never know! And regardless, this card totally rules!

Following that epicness, we have the best name...

#444 Moose Stubing!
Not gonna lie, the picture (and the Moose connection) aids his cause. But there really aren't too many crazy names in this set that I haven't seen, so he's my favorite! Congrats Moose!

And finally, the very last card I needed to complete the set...

#338 Jim Adduci!
Sent to me by my Dad as mentioned before...great card from a great set. I wish Topps made them all like this, and I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of this really cool set! Hopefully the first Completed Collection of many!


  1. Those aren't braces - he had his initials on his teeth! Kevin Mitchell also had a gold tooth for a while.

  2. Thanks Bo! I almost used Pasqual Perez for one of my top 10...he's a gold toother as well!

  3. Congratulations on completing your set. I enjoyed reading your write up... great flashback to the late 80's.