Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Results of Ballot Seven of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

With the end of Ballot Seven, it truly is a Wonderful World.  Thanks to your votes (all twenty of you who voted), we now have TWO new entrants into the Hall!

The first, in his 7th and last chance at the Hall, was Wonderful Terrific Monds,
who actually set a new record high for voting % with 65% (13 of 20 ballots). I was really worried that Monds would never end up in the Hall, so I'm glad he did so with a flourish, passing the previous record voting high of Rusty Kuntz (61% on Ballot One). To be honest, Wonderful Monds inspired not only the Hall, but much of my return to cards in the first place, so it's nice to see his name right where it belongs in great sports name history!

We also had a second name enshired thanks to a last second vote by one of my fellow bloggers. Razor Shines
was sitting just under 55% with 10 of 19 votes, but then one ballot right before time ran out named Shines and put him right at that magical number. Two other names have landed at the 55% mark before, but they were both 55 and change - Shines is the first name to hit exactly 55%, making him the lowest qualifying name in the Hall. But they all count, so congrats to you Razor on your enshrinement!

It wasn't all good news for long tenured names. As I mentioned with Monds, 7 ballots is the limit - after that you're off. While Monds made it in on his last try, Lucious Pusey was not so lucky, scoring a nice but not enough 40% of ballots. So he'll join the ranks of the names that weren't quite good enough now - he had support at times (50% on Ballot 1) and lacked it at others (21.1% on Ballot 4), and the end result was falling off the Ballot. Maybe it's karma for changing his name to Seymour?

All the rest of the eliminated names started on Ballot Seven. I guess I nominated some weak names this time around - here they are:
2 Ballots (10%) - Jay Walker
1 Ballot (5%) - Rich Parent ,Waskal Adames, Harry Chappas, Clint Goocher
0 Ballots (0%) - Hugh Quattlebaum (I don't know what I was thinking with that name!)

As for the names that will return to Ballot 8, there were 11. Their vote totals are below:
8 Ballots (40%) - Pete LaCock, Baskerville Holmes, Manli Wang - LaCock had a 15% vote increase here, which bodes well for his Hall chances!
6 Ballots (30%) - Misty Hyman, Bum-Ho Lee - This was Lee's first ballot. Meanwhile Hyman hit exactly 30% after hovering around the number over the last 4 ballots.
5 Ballots (25%) - Ben Gay, Jorge Poo Tang, Alamazoo Jennings - Poo and Alamazoo were new, while Ben Gay has one ballot left and his chances of enshrinement look slim.
4 Ballots (20%) - Ten Million, Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo, Doug Fister - Fister was new, while both Million and Mutumbo join him in nearly being eliminated from future ballots.

So there you have it! Two new names inducted, 7 names knocked off, 11 names continuing on to Ballot Eight! Congrats again to WTM3 and Mr. Shines, and I'll try to add some fantastic names (including Seth Schwindenhammer) to the next incarnation!