Thursday, April 16, 2015

Awesome Patches that don't fit elsewhere in my collection

This page houses all of the awesome patches I've acquired, mostly cheaply through COMC by using this trick.

I'm going to try to limit this page to 3+ color patches, or especially cool patches (Like logos and stuff) to keep myself from buying all the things.  That said, you'll see a few 2 colors below, mainly because I really like the colors (Like with the Aaron Sele card) or because the player is especially awesome in my eyes (See Greg Maddux, Barry Sanders, Ben Watson, etc.).

But without further adieu, the patches, in all their patchtastic glory:
2000 Fleer Gamers uniformity #STDA Stephen Davis (Game Worn Patch - 3 color)
2000 Fleer Tradition Patchworks #JAAN Jamal Anderson (Game worn 3-color Patch)
2000 Playoff Absolute Ground Hoggs #GH-5 Terrell Davis (Game Worn Shoe - 2 color, Serial /135)

2001 Donruss Classics Team Colors #TC40 Charlie Batch (Game Worn Patch - 3 colors)
2001 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time #AASE Aaron Sele (Game Worn Patch - 2 colors)

2001 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time #GRMA.2 Greg Maddux (Game Worn Patch - 2 color)
2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Jersey Patches #108 Travis Taylor (Game Worn Patch - 2 colors)
2001 Pacific Private Stock Game Worn Gear Patch #31 Curtis Keaton (Game Worn Jersey - 2 colors, Serial /350)
2001 Pacific Private Stock Titanium #183 Cedric James (College Worn Jersey - 2 colors, Serial /75)
2001 Select Franchise Tags Autographs #FT11 Peter Warrick (Game Worn Jersey - 3 colors, Autographed, Serial /50)
2001 Upper Deck Ovation Training Gear #TT-C Akili Smith/Corey Dillon/Peter Warrick (Triple Practice Worn Jersey, 1 color/3 color/1 color)
2001-02 Fleer Genuine Final Cut Jerseys #TYLU Tyronn Lue (3-color Patch)
2001-02 Fleer Genuine Final Cut Jerseys #WASZ Wally Szczerbiak (2-color Patch)

2002 Bowman Fabric of the Future #FF-DB Deion Branch (College Worn Patch - 3 colors)
2002 Donruss Classics New Millenium #NM-20 Germane Crowell (Game Worn Jersey - 2 colors, Serial /500)
2002 Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best Memorabilia #PEMA Pedro Martinez (Game Worn Patch - 3 colors)

2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Materials #3J Barry Sanders (Game Worn Jersey - 2 color)
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Gold #28 Casey Fossum (Game Worn Patch, 3 colors, Serial /25)
2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Pro Bowl Souvenirs Gold #PB11 Jimmy Smith (Pro Bowl Worn Jersey - 3 color patch and scored three touchdowns in the game, Serial /25)
2003 Playoff Prestige Backfield Tandems #BT12 Tom Brady and Antowain Smith (Game Worn Jersey - 3 colors and 3 colors, Serial /400)
2003 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys #GDJ-26 Duce Staley (Game used Jersey - 2 color)
2003 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys #GDJ-39 Shaun King (Game used Jersey - 3 color)
2003 Playoff Prestige Stars of the NFL Patches #SN14 Michael Bennett (Game Worn Patch - 2 colors, Serial /50)
2003 SP Authentic #248 Kelley Washington (Event Worn Jersey - 3 colors, Serial /850)
2004 Bazooka All-Stars Jerseys #BASTV Troy Vincent (Pro Bowl Worn Jersey - 2 colors)
2004 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes #DTP-DW Dontrelle Willis (Game Worn Patch - 5 colors, Serial /50)
2004 Leaf Patch of my Back #SB 8 Dewon Brazelton (Autographed, Game Worn Patch - 3 colors, Serial /75)
2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Materials Prime #TT-76 Ricky Williams (4-color patch, Serial 4/25)
2005 Donruss Classics Dress Code Jerseys Prime #DC-2 Adam "Pacman" Jones (2-color patch, Serial 6/25)
2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Materials Prime #90 Aaron Brooks (3-color patch, Serial 19/25)
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Certified Potential Materials Prime #CP-15 Domanic Davis (2-color patch, Serial 5/25)
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Gold Materials #203 Andrew Walter (Game Worn Jersey - 4-color Reebok laundry tag, Serial /25)
2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Rookie Crusade Materials Primes #2 Laurence Maroney (Game Worn Jersey, Serial /25 - 3 color Pat Patriot)
2006 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Stat Patch #USP-BL Byron Leftwich (4-color patch, Serial 1/50)
2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rookie Gridiron Gems Jumbo Jerseys Prime #231 Troy Smith (Rookie Premiere Worn Jersey, 2 colors, Serial /50)
2007 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Team Logo #FOG-68 Maurice Jones Drew (2-color patch, Serial 4/25)
2009-10 Donruss Elite Elite Series Jersey Prime #16 Michael Redd (2-color patch, Serial 35/50)
2010 Playoff Prestige Rookie Review Materials Prime #15 Mohamed Massaquoi (3-color Patch, Serial /50)
2012 Limited Blue Chip Materials Jerseys Prime #13 Isaiah Pead (Event Worn Jersey, 3 colors, Serial /25)
2012 Panini Father's Day Pro Bowl Materials #14 Ovie Mughelli (Game Worn Jersey)
2014 Panini Elite Throwback Threads Prime #27 Benjamin Watson (Game Worn Jersey, 2 colors, Serial /49)
2014 Panini National Treasures Rookie NFL Gear Combo Player Materials Prime #RGC-BA Bishop Sankey/Austin Seferian-Jenkins (2-color patch, 3-color logo patch, Serial 3/25)
2017 Panini Limited #134 Nathan Peterman (Autographed, 3-color patch, Serial 199/299)