Saturday, November 5, 2022

My new favorite Mike James jersey, along with one of my favorite VHS (And a crossstitch it inspired)

The hits (literally) keep on coming!  I've scoured EBay and COMC recently for some rarer Mike James cards to add to the collection, and my newest find was a cool little jersey card /19.  Here it is, alongside Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987):

I'll focus on the card first - it's a nice little parallel with a two color Timberwolves tree swatch enclosed:

I have a Wally Szczerbiak card with one of those trees too, so it's cool to add a second to the collection, especially of such rarity and of a guy I actually collect.  This is definitely my new favorite Mike James relic in the collection, and he has a lot, so I can't wait to see what else I end up obtaining some day!

As for the movie, Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (SNDN2) is the sequel to the 1984 cult classic Christmas movie.  The original made back about 3.5 times it's budget, so they decided to follow that up with SNDN2.  

And it weird.  For one, it's an 88 minute movie which uses 30 minutes of flashbacks from the original movie.  So it's really just 58 minutes of new footage, which is pretty silly, even for a sequel.

But those 58 minutes are...*chef's kiss*.  Crazy plot, over the top acting, and it brought about one of the best scenes in cinema history: Garbage Day.

In fact, I loved this movie/that scene so much, that I ended up creating my own cross-stitch of it back in the day.  I borrowed some Christmas lettering from a sampler and found some pixelated gun patterns and voila - a true work of art:

To this day, it's the only crossstitch I've made in reference to movies/VHS, so clearly SNDN2 is one of my favorite VHS tapes.  Maybe I'll have to make a crossstitch of streetballer Mike James someday since he's my favorite Mike James?  Only time will tell!


  1. Sweet cross-stitch! Before today, I would have just thought it was a strange but interesting piece of work. But after seeing that trailer, garbage day has taken on a new meaning in my life.

    1. Haha I'm's definitely a one of a kind movie!