Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God Shammgod's Autographed Card, and a New Seneca Wallace

Some of you have seen a similar version before on Deadspin (courtesy of Sports Cards Uncensored), but now I have my own (non-numbered) version of the one, the only, God Shammgod Autograph:
Some people questioned the authenticity, so here's what the back looks like:
That said, I still have no idea what this card is officially called. It doesn't seem to be on Shammgod's Beckett LP page (since this isn't his Autographed BK as that isn't actually autographed), but then neither are the Scot Pollard, Samaki Walker, Kiwane Garris, and Shea Seals cards from COMC, which look exactly the same. For now I'm giving it a name based on the COMC listings and I will add a card to the Shammgod collection. Anyone with more info want to shed a little more light on this though?

My other new card is also a beauty, though in a different way. It's an event used dual jersey card of Seneca Wallace and Brian St. Pierre:
Three things I love here:
1. The swatches are different colors, aka Steelers black and Seahawks blue. Too often every swatch on a card is the same color...it's nice to get some variation!
2. The back notes that these cards were event worn on 5/17/03. That's really, REALLY specific, and as I Am Joe Collector recently noted, is also really cool.
3. Doesn't have to do with this card per say, but two days after winning this, the football relic version came up on the Bay with a cheap BIN. That's now on it's way too, so you can expect to see a similar card on this blog in the next 7-10 days!

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