Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sportlots Rules for Singles

Yes it sucks to go through their database looking for cards, given the lack of pictures and the fact that you can only search three years at a time.

And yes their relics, autos, and serial #'s are overpriced.

But if you have the patience to work your way through the inventory of a single Sportlots seller with a few cards you like, you will end up with great looking, super cheap, single awesomeness.

Proof of point? This 31 card lot of mine from Sportlots, which arrived in 6 business days (not too shabby). Price? $9.90, including shipping. That's about 32 cents a single INCLUDING SHIPPING. Some card stores aren't even that cheap (I know it beats the card store nearest me!).

And check out the beauties I got:

9 New McGriffs (including a Hologram, Gold, and a Translucent Card)
Zoom in on the hologram. No really, go ahead and do it. So beautiful.

Anyways, 2 New Rich Hills, 2 New Seneca Wallaces (Wallai?), and 5 New Dewon Brazeltons

5 New David Carrs (4 are shiny), 3 New Duce Staleys (2 shiny), and 1 New Tanyon Sturtze

And finally, my coup de grace, my very first two Terry Virtue cards.
Greatest (minor league) hockey player EVER!

Suffice it to say, as a player collector and set collector I am hooked! The only downside is that 2 of my 31 cards were cards I already owned, but that was really my fault in being sloppy with my purchasing. Had I paid a bit more attention I would have done even better on this lot!

So if you ever needed someone to convince you to try Sportlots...well I'm trying to be that guy. I tried it once to see what I thought, and I now plan on using it quite a lot as I battle through my various player collections. Hopefully your luck will be as good as mine!


  1. I use it all the time. It's awesome.

    find a seller that has something you want, and go through their inventory...

    always use a seller that gives a discount if you buy more than 10 cards from them....

  2. I think my problem is bargain-shopping to that degree gives me a headache. I don't have the time. And I need pictures. I agree Sportlots is a great deal for a lot of stuff, but I'm either too busy or lazy -- depends on your point of view.

  3. I totally understand what you're saying about time Owl, especially for anyone who has a bigger collection than mine (which I imagine is much of the cardosphere) and who thus has much smaller want lists. I can type in a dude like Rusty Kuntz and find 8 cards I need easy...someone with more needs met might only find 1-2 cards a seller, which is just annoying at that point.

    As for pictures, I'm mixed. Having them there is nice - let's you know if the card is cool. Not having them there is sort of cool too though - then it's a surprise when it gets to your door. I know I was very surprised with how cool the McGriff hologram looked, and that the slideshow was translucent!

    Also Captain...I just used it again lol. I found a seller with 5% discounts on 21-26 cards. I bought 26 cards from him and two from another guy to test out how it works with two sellers. And spent $2 less despite multiple sellers thanks to the discount!