Saturday, June 19, 2010

Revisiting my Revolutions - 2010 Goals at a Six Month Glance

Seeing that we're halfway through 2010, I wanted to see how I was doing on the New Year's Resolutions that I set in January. I think I've done okay so far - but let's see how I'm actually doing:

1. Less Trade Posts/More Real Posts
- This one is still kind of up in the air. I'd say I write less trade posts now, but that's probably only because I've been trading less and buying more as of late. I still need to post more great names as well. Regardless, I'm happier with my posts now than I was when I set these goals. Plus I changed the site format a little bit and I like that better as well.
Verdict: In Progress

2. Collect 500 McGriffs and finish my 1989 and 1992 sets
- I now have 522 McGriffs, and I finished my '89 and '92 sets (as well as '89 Traded)

3. Get pictures of all of my McGriff cards posted by next New Year's
- This one is my sad resolution, because I gave it up. I may someday give this a shot, but not in the foreseeable future, and not in the format I had been doing it.
Verdict: Failed.

4. Try to sell some cards
- With limited success, I have indeed started selling. I made about $25 a few weeks ago selling a few cards/some stuff we didn't need from around the house, and then turned around and spent that on finishing sets. I'm selling more stuff right now - hopefully I'll make a few more bucks to turn around into more cards!

So with two goals already accomplished and one already failed, I guess I did okay on my resolutions, especially if I start posting better stuff from here on out. To give myself a little more to work towards, however, I'm going to add a "Mid Year's Resolution":

Have 100 cards in my Seneca Wallace collection by 12/31/10.

Sounds easy enough, since I already have 57 cards and two are in the mail. However, Seneca's cards aren't always the cheapest given his 208 serial #'d cards, 28 1/1's, and 51 autographed cards, so picking up 40 more cards could put a decent dent in my wallet, especially if I want to keep collecting my other stuff too. So for the next six months we'll see how things go - I think it'll be close. Then again, I thought getting to 500 McGriff cards in one year would be close, and look where I am now!

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  1. Hey, I picked up a couple Seneca cards for you, to send out with the Hill and McGriffs (09 Mayo base SP and 09 Mayo Mini SP - non-gold).

    One they come in, I will send all the cards to you.